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Cured from hard flaccid

Cured from hard flaccid

Hi guys, I almost forgot this stuff when I noticed that my hard flaccid state (some serious injury) had just gone.

Healthy diet, sport and being positive (I didn’t let this injury fucked my head all the time) are probably the main reasons. I didn’t experiment this long enough to give advices to those who are still struggling with that crap but I wish you the same.

And btw I can’t explain it but it seems that I’ve gain half a inch during those three months o_O doing nothing. And no more turtle (oh God.)

I’m now considering starting PE again. Being extra-carefull of negative PI’s. I’m still a little under average and I will give the time (several years ? Np) and the dedication to have the dick I want.

Progress log incoming as soon as I get a viable device for warm up AND down (Heat pad I think because rice sock didn’t allow me a good warm down).

Sorry if my English wasn’t perfect/decent

I’m happy you were cured as I’m suffering from a similar thing. Did you have erectile dysfunction when you had it? I’m trying to relax and have hot baths whilst maybe exercise my pelvic floor muscles.

How long did it take by the way? How long have you suffered?

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