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Cumulative effect of Kegels during the day equal to 50 at once

Cumulative effect of Kegels during the day equal to 50 at once

The newbie program suggests 50 kegels post jelq.

If I wanted to do 10 kegels 5 times a day, is this equivalent to doing 50 Kegels at once?

Does it make any difference if I do them before or after the stretch and jelq?

I don’t think there is any difference.

In fact, I always kegel to subsides erection whenever stretching

I also kegel each stroke of jelqing…

Peter, it’s not the same. It’s much easier to do 10 push-ups in each of five sets, an hour apart from one another, than it is to do 50 push-ups in one go at it.

We’re not talking push ups though. We’re talking kegels.

Indeed, Peter. But the point is that they are both muscles. The goal of the kegel excercise is to build the BC muscle and make it stronger. My point was that you won’t get a good workout if you break up the workout. Push-ups and kegels are both excercises to build muscle; that’s why the analogy is useful.

No, don’t count doing 10 kegals, 5 times a day the same as 50 kegals at once. When your driving around, do kegals while the lights red, or at a stop sign, or when your getting up from the couch, to the regrigerator, and back to the couch, whatever. Then do your 50.

Then again, you don’t have to do 50. Check out this thread, it’s very helpful, plus it ads variety :D
New Kegel Method

Maybe I don't like it, but I have no choice

I know that somewhere, someone hears my voice

Ever tried kegels while walking?

Thanks guys. I like the other thread. Reminds me of periodization in body building

Welcome Peter,

You’ll build better strength with sets of five and better endurance with sets of fifty. Ultimately, you want both strength and endurance.

If you’re going to do both in the same workout, do the strength portion first and then the endurance portion.

Another approach is to split them up One day do 10 x 5. Another day do 1 x 50. Or do 10 x 5 for a week or two and then 1 x 50 for a week or two.

Feel free to experiment and mix things up.

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