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CS Question

CS Question

I notice that when erect my CS isnt very pronounced underneath my shaft until the very bottom, basically where my scrotum starts. So if im lying down and am erect, it almost steps up around that point and is VERY pronounced the rest of the way down. I also feel where my pc muscle is at my perenium (i think thats the spot between balls and anus) its almost a bulge. I know Ive had an issue with holding a kegel tight during masturbation and sex so not sure if its just very overdeveloped or what. Also concerned as to why that developement doesnt run all the way up my shaft. Any inpu on this?

The BC muscle doesn’t run all the way up your shaft because it is not located there, it is just in the perinium (you used the correct term) region, or taint for those less anatomically inclined, and does not continue along the shaft after it exits the body. As for the CS disappearing midway up the shaft, I imagine this is no big deal and just a normal anatomical variance from person to person. I mean if it actually wasn’t there then you would be having some very noticeable problems. :)

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