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Critque my routine

Critque my routine

Hey guys, I have been a lurker for a long time. I’m finally ready to really get going on PE. I regret that all the time lurking when I should have been doing PE. Lost time = lost length. Anyways.. I am starting now. Please look at my routine and let me know what you think.

Overall goal is to increase my size and cure my premature ejaculation. I haven’t always had it. Seems like the last 2 years it has gotten really bad. I have been reading the “Multiorgasmic Man” book. Will probably incorporate some of the exercises from the book down the road.

My routine is partly based off of Mem’s Momentous Rapid Gain Mechanism routine (Mem’s Momentous Rapid Gain Mechanism)

Sunday - Thursday routine (rest Friday and Saturday).
Morning after shower:
* 5 minutes warm wrap with wash cloth (hot)
* 20 min long hold inverted v-stretch
* 5 minutes warm wrap with wash cloth (hot)

* 10 min warm wrap (washcloth)
* 15-20 min 80-90% jelq with 1-2 30 sec hold Horse 440 squeezes every 5 mins
* 2-5 min 30 sec hold horse squeezes mixed with sadsak head exercise mod
* 10 min warm wrap (washcloth)

Every other day I will have an edging session. Last time I tried edging I couldn’t make it past 5 minutes. After about 1 minute I kept getting close to the point of no return so I would stop and kegel hard and it would subsided. Then it would come back like 5 seconds after I started back up.

* Edging - Starting out at 5 minutes and hoping to add 1 minute each session until I can do at least a 30 minute session.

On the days I do not edge I will be doing:
* 3 sets of 20 kegels, 10 second holds (one on the way to work and one on the way home)

Do you guys think I should add something like Monty’s PE Weights or an ADS? I currently work 2 jobs, one is a desk job and one is at a restaurant, and I am married with an 18 month old daughter. My free time is very limited.

I am also hitting the gym and getting back in shape. So I have a diet in place and a workout routine.

Pretty much I’m ready to turn things around. Any feedback would help tremendously.

Starting at 6.5 BPEL hoping to hit 7.5 BPEL. I will post pics later.


i am no expert here, but if its your first time PEing you should start with the newbie routine and continue with it till gains stop, someone correct me if i am wrong

Originally Posted by loafrath
i am no expert here, but if its your first time PEing you should start with the newbie routine and continue with it till gains stop, someone correct me if i am wrong

Right, you may not be one, but that’s EXPERT advice! If you are a newbie, this will make your dick fall off! :)

Read my threads linked at the bottom of this post.

Your routine sucks!

Oh, wait, did it have to be constructive criticism?


Joking aside, you should listen to sparkyx and try something easier on your dick. :)

RE-Started (01.10.2012): 4.75'' NBPEL, 4.33'' EG (overall), 3'' NBPFL --- Now: 5.1'' NBPEL, 4.75'' EG (overall), 3.5'' NBPFL

Short-term goal: 5.5'' NBPEL, 4.5'' EG (overall), 3.5'' NBPFL --- Long term goal: 7.5'' NBPEL, 5.5'' EG (overall), 5'' NBPFL

Wish me luck! :)

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