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Critique on my own newbie routine

Critique on my own newbie routine

Sorry if I’ve been posting a lot lately, but only because I wanna know I have this whole thing down and get the most results possible.

My method is really close to the linear method but just a little modified, I was skeptical of only doing 10-20 jelqs a day as I felt that is barely working my penis so here’s what I began doing. I am on a 2 day on- 1 day off template.

I start off by doing my first session in the shower. I begin by filling a zip-lock bag with very warm-hot water and I stick my penis in it and zip it closed leaving a little extra room to breath so my penis is fully submerged and I do the warmup for about 5-7 minutes. I feel like this method is VERY effective against a hot towel because 1. I am not chocking the shit out of my cock and do not have to worry about wrapping too tight. And 2. Because it is submerged I do not have to constantly wring out a hand towel every 30 seconds - 1 minute the water stays constantly warm and its very quick and easy to change the water out and zip it back over my cock if I feel the water is getting too cold. I feel like this method is VERY easy and effective today was my first time trying it and it has been 5 hours since I have done my warmup and my penis is still plump and pink on top of the head, but slightly bluish on the bottom. Keep note that I have discoloration and am uncut.

But after my warmup I do 5 minutes of stretching doing 30-seconds in each direction while rotating at a 90 degree angle to get to the next position.

Then I do 20 slow jelqs(about 5 seconds) with a good amount of force and I do a kegel at the end of each jelq.

Then I do 200 additional 1-second kegels while holding for 5-second kegels every 25.

Then I end it with a warm down using the same method as my warmup.

Then after I’m all done I do 12 jelqs about every hour with the kegels still. Exceeding no more than 8 sets.

So all together in one day I get 116 jelqs. Which I feel is a good start since it is not like the newbie routine doing 200 jelqs all at once which can lead to over training. And in addition I’m going to add an extra 2 jelqs to each set every week. Then after the first month I will add an extra 10 jelqs to my first set in the shower. So it would look like this:

Week One: 116 Jelqs. 20 Jelqs + 96 Jelqs (8x12)
Week Two: 132 Jelqs. 20 Jelqs + 112 Jelqs (8x14)
Week Three: 148 Jelqs. 20 Jelqs + 128 Jelqs (8x16)
Week Four: 164 Jelqs. 20 Jelqs + 144 Jelqs (8x18)

Month 2 Week One: 190 Jelqs. 30 Jelqs + 160 Jelqs (8x20)
Month 2 Week Two: 206 Jelqs. 30 Jelqs + 176 Jelqs (8x22)
Month 2 Week Three: 222 Jelqs. 30 Jelqs + 192 Jelqs (8x24)
Month 2 Week Four: 238 Jelqs. 30 Jelqs + 208 Jelqs (8x26)

Then after every two months I will de-condition for 2 weeks then start up again. I’m still deciding where I should start after I decondition I’m thinking I’ll probably start off at 30 jelqs with a 8x16 or 8x18 then proceed with the same setup.

My reasons for this is because I do believe that it is less effective to do one giant set opposed to spreading it out throughout the day leading up to higher jelqing records. Do you guys think this would be an effective method that would lead to great gains? Sounds like I put a little too much thought into it but I used to workout a lot so I’m use to making methods like this :)

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If you have time during the day then why not,but i still think 1 set all together will work the same.

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