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Critique on my newbie routine

Critique on my newbie routine

Hey can someone critique this programme I made for myself?

I’m trying to correct the curve but I need help understanding how to jelq against the curve.

5 minutes hot wrap
Penis 80% erect, hold curve in opposite direction to limit blood flow to developed CC, 30 3 second kegels in this position.
Dry Jelq “Against Curve”.. Need help understanding this.
Simple manual stretches only in the direction opposite to the curve.

I don’t have a great deal of time or money so I only really have my hands, lol.

Any thoughts, or help? Thanks.

What’s the degree of your curve? Most of guys have a curved penis, and this isn’t a problem generally. There are women who find a curve good to stimulate some specific points. Try PM me a pic of your penis, I’ll move it in the Member Pics Forum. Maybe yours isn’t a big issue, who knows?

So said, correcting a curve is not easy. Some guys had limited succes with manual exercises, others found manuals made the curve more evident. Extenders are credited to be effective in correcting curves, but it’s a very slow process.

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I’ll get some pics soon I hope.. At a guess I’d say it’s maybe 20 degrees but I can’t estimate very accurately.

My advice is (guess what?) : do the regular newbie routine. We’ll see if this curve is something you should worry about or not; it gave you any problem while having intercourses?

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I dunno about dry jelq, I think you should start with wet jelq with both hands until you learn the technique. I also recommend doing stretches before jelqs (that way, your penis will hang more) and doing warm down at the end of the routine.

In short, if you’re a beginner, stick to the newbie routine, and worry about the curve later into PE.

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