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Critique of routine please

Critique of routine please

Hi guys

Been doing PE for about a month now so have changed it slightly to keep my member being worked on

Warm up 5 minutes hot towel wrap
Stretch= 30 second stretch up, 30 second stretch down, 30 second stretch right, 30 second stretch left,
This complete circle up, down, left and right is done 15 times
Wet jelqs = 400
Cool down with normal tap water, stretched member whilst pouring tap water over

Any suggestions people

What are you aiming for?

For length and girth a bit of everything, well actually a lot of everything

Seems a bit heavy for only being a month in. Whats really important, though, is how your body is responding to the routine.

Specifically have you seen any growth and what are your PIs like?

I agree, it sounds a bit heavy. Be careful. If your body is taking it fine, then go with it - just don’t overdo it.

After a few months (seriously - wait for now) I would add some horse440’s followed by firegoat rolls. Wait until you are four months in and not over stressing your unit. Go for the length first, then girth.

My journey .... My pics

Start BPEL 6.50" x MSEG 5.00"

Now BPEL 7.625" x MSEG 5.25"

Horse440’s or fire goat rolls ? What are these

My body seems to be fine no pains, no hurting as I make sure I warm up etc

IMO.too much jelqs(but if you feel no pain,I guess that’s ok),and you should increase stretching time,or the whole stretching routine.

When people ask for recommendations on how to change their routine, I always suggest investing in an All-Day Stretcher. They work pretty consistently.


Horse440: Horse 440 Squeezes
Firegoat roll: “firegoat roll” discoloration prevention, control, and removal

Be careful with the horses - don’t start them until at least 3 months in and maybe 4 - make sure your ready for them

Instead of an all day stretcher (which probably does work, but I have not wanted to spend the money or time on them) I use a simple Ace bandage wrap. When wrapping with an ace bandage, you must be mindful of it. Do not wrap tight at all, just enough to keep it stretched. It doesn’t need to be stretched all the way either. When I wrap, I use a 2” ace that is cut in half (only need about 15 inches). Pull your dick out straight, then start wrapping just below the head and just enough so the wrap doesn’t slip off. Wrap lightly down to the base and then back up until you are out of bandage. Fasten with the Velcro or just tuck the end into the last go-round.

You should be able to pee easily with the wrap on since it is not compressing anything. That’s a good test, but I don’t recommend this though since it is very likely you’ll end up dripping after you tuck it back in!

Again, be mindful that you have it on. Shove your hand down there every half hour and if their is any coldness, take it off and call it a day. Try the next day and wrap lighter. It’s better that the bandage lose it’s grip than you injure yourself.

My journey .... My pics

Start BPEL 6.50" x MSEG 5.00"

Now BPEL 7.625" x MSEG 5.25"

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