Critique my routine.

First off by way of intro I have been lurking and reading since this fall and began the noob routine in November with 1/4 ” EL gain. :) My wife knows and I am actually looking for some more length so as to hit her sweet spot more often (I can reach when at 100% but I am usually only at 90% during lovemaking). Yet my time is limited to one hr. In the AM as this is when I have privacy. So I have chosen to hang during that time and continue with ads. Nonetheless I learn something new everytime so I decided to ask for some criticism in order to maximize effeciency.

So here is what I have done thus far:
3 months of the noob routine with 1/4 inch length gain.

I have been hanging for 3 weeks now:
2 wks @ 5 lbs for 2-20 min sets.
1 week @ 7.5 for 2-20 min. Sets (I plan to keep this up for a month)

I have used 3 golf weights from about 8 AM to 5 PM.
I am not sure if I could sell my wife on sleeping with a wrap, but if I must.

5 min. Of Jelq
5 min. Of V-stretch after PM shower.

I haven’t measured since I have begun hanging since I have had to make several adjustments in order to get things correct and I want to keep motivation high with a decent result over time (I plan to measure at 6 wks.).