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Critique my routine... going for length

Critique my routine... going for length

I’m not a Newbie, I just cant post in the main forum.

OK so I just took 3 weeks from P.E. because I wanted a bit of a decon break after doing mems rapid gains mechanism for 8 weeks. For the last 4 weeks of the routine I didn’t make any progress so that’s why I stopped.

Right not I have 5 weeks until I go away on vacation for two weeks in January, during which time there will be no P.E.
I’m thinking that it would be a good idea to incrementally increase my work load every week so that by the time my vacation comes, I will really need that two week break to let everything recover.

This is what im going to do.

7 days a week - Inverted V-stretch over a cylinder (like in mems routine)
3 days a week (mon,wed,fri)- Wet Jelq with about 60 - 70 percent erection

Week one- 10 min each exercise
Week two - 15 min
Week three 20 min
Week four - 25 min
Week five - 30 min
Week Six - 35 min
Week Seven & Eight - Off

I am almost done week one already.

I like the idea of not taking rest days from stretching because I have been reading about hanging and it seems that its not a good idea to let the ligs rest, but rather to build up fatigue over time. This is sort of what I’m going for here. I only care about length for this routine so that is why jelqs are only 3 times a week.

What do you guys think?

Newbie here also but I have been doing plenty of research. Firstly, jelqing is very important. Jelqing at low erection levels (not more than 30%) should help length. Also for stretches, I think basic stretching in all directions is the best way to go.

Hanging is more advanced so you won’t want to do this until you’ve been at PE for several months. Hanging sort of scares me personally but I do plan on using an ADS down the road. I have read many positive comments on how it impacts length.

A few things I forgot to add, I am doing a 5-10 min warm up with a wet towel before and after and the whole routine is done over a heater.

DDolphin, I said im not a Newbie


I second your routine of stretching 7 days a week. I suggest your add some btc stretching to really maxed out the ligs.
What direction are going to do your V-stretch?

I like your plan of building up the time and intensity each week, should give you some gains.I would suggest that you wear an ADS a few hours if possible during the two week off,to keep your unit in an extended state and stop it from turtling.

Lastly I suggest to do a cool down in an extended state, instead of warm down after your stretching routine.

The v stretch is towards the ground. I never tried a coool down. What is the point?


Cool down helps with the healing process that is why many sports these days employ this method of recovery.
For example the rugby league guys always go for a dip in cold water the next morning after a game. They also do 10 minutes dip in ice cold water.
Basically when you cool down an area of the body, the blood vessel constrict thus slows down blood flow to the area. Then as the area starts to return to normal body temperature, the fresh blood brings plenty of nutrient which helps with the healing process.

Cool down in an extended state helps the tissue to adapt to such cold temperature and thus over time helps to give a longer hang.

You’ve been PE’ing for ages. I wouldn’t do such a light routine, it’s not long enough, why build up the time over 6 weeks when you’re already conditioned? I do like the idea of stretching 7days a week. I’ve been thinking of doing the same.

Ethemilkman, you might want to have a look at the link below, it has got some good information about cool down.

Cool Down - YES You NEED It!

Originally Posted by Audacia
You’ve been PE’ing for ages. I wouldn’t do such a light routine, it’s not long enough, why build up the time over 6 weeks when you’re already conditioned? I do like the idea of stretching 7days a week. I’ve been thinking of doing the same.

I have only been PEing for 1 year, not ages by anyone’s standards. Here is the thing, I took a three week break so I think its good to work into a routine, plus I think good time for PE is 20 min of jelq and 20 min of stretch. So the point here is to incrementally go over that time and overload the training. Kinda like strength training I guess.

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