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Critical impasse reached


Critical impasse reached

Hey guys! Well, as some of you who have been following my progress reports know, I have been training for about 10 months. I started posting here in January and began clamping and doing a few advanced exercises. This is my disclaimer regarding advanced- make sure you are well conditioned first! Anyhow, I have solidly reached my 7+ x5.5+ goal. My fiancé is beginning to complain about soreness following sex, and if I am not careful I am able to hit her cervix. I am already finding that I can’t just give’er anymore without exercising caution. Also- I am beginning to experience what members discuss about blow jobs- luckily I am not a hug fan of them anyway.

I have reached a critical point- I am near my ultimate 8x6 goal, but ultimately it doesn’t really matter. Efforts to push toward my final goal are entirely for my own satisfaction at this point. TNTJockey has an excellent thread outlining the troubles he began to have as he surpassed his goals; I don’t particularly want to go through this, but I’d love to see if I can reach my goal (I am very much a believer in mind over matter and am a perfectionist- bad combo.).

Part of me thinks maybe if I take some time off with just a very basic maintenance routine, my fiancé will become accustomed to my new size, and I can begin training again. In a sense we grow together. I don’t want to continue training and growing without her though because it might actually cause us to grow apart despite my internal urges to push on.

Love some feedback.

Seems like taking a break on girth is a no brainer.

I’m curious about length though. Have you experienced the phenomenon described by others of gently sliding past the cervix? Many say their woman experience pleasure with that.

Just use it to your best and upgrade if you can use it to a good cause so to speak

Big, no I have not heard of this- I will do some searching and see what I can find. I am at a point where it would be fun to gain size but honestly just enjoy the way PE feels. Certainly don’t want to have a negative impact on my girl, the whole point of this was to be able to give her a little more :)

Last night she kept saying I felt huge, and after called me a beast. Feels good.. Hahaha


You know guys, I am very proud of Panamera. He is not just thinking of himself, but the person he loves. he knows exactly what he has to do. My wife asked me to stop when it became to uncomfortable, but I continued. She told me she thought we were doing this for the both of us, but instead, i did it for my own ego. Do you know how friendship and closeness I lost because I continue PEing for or my own satisfaction.

Panamera, you know what you have to do. PE lightly for maintenance, and when she get used to you, continue until she starts to feel slightly uncomfortable. Hey Panamera, I like you style and your un-selfishness. Guys are not the only ones who enjoy sex, but who wants sex if is going to hurt. In our case, I would make the inner vaginal walls of my wife’s vagina bleed. She was in pain for days until it healed. A lot of times when we had sex, we had to stop and I did not get to finish. My new big dick fuck both of us up. Be careful what you guys wish for.

Panamera, you are alright in my book.

Thank you Tntjockey. As much as I am doing this to satisfy my own security issues, my fiance’ is the most important aspect of my life. All I truly want is to be the absolute best that I can for her.

I have always had confidence issues, not just relating to my size, but in most aspects of my life. I am a perfectionist; it is a great burden, but the paradox is that it has allowed me to surpass my greatest expectations of myself on so many fronts despite the fact that it is never enough. My PE journey was just one way of several that I felt that I could take control of myself and produce results- really an exercise in building confidence and self esteem which it has certainly helped me do.

Getting back to my first statement- part of being the best that I can for my beautiful fiance’ is being a well rounded and confident man - its not about the size of my dick, but rather, the whole package (no pun lol). PE has brought me to an amazing destination with her. She makes comments now that she never used to about me- not just about my size, but about my confidence and willingness to take charge of our intimacy. Her positive response has done wonders for me, but keeping the idiom in mind, there can be such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Tntjockey, as you have advised in numerous posts- PE is a marathon. With respect to that, I will continue to PE lightly for maintenance, and if I happen to gain then fine, but my fiancé’s well being is paramount. I think as I make very slow gains she will adjust, and if I happen to reach the 8x6 status (which by the way is an absolutely arbitrary goal that is probably only important to PE’ers) before she says anything than great. If she asks me to stop, I will. (She knows I perform a few “exercises” but doesn’t know about the PE world.)

Good for you panamera. It’s good to see that you have reached a level where you are comfortable with yourself and can really take your fiances needs into consideration.

It sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders.

Thanks G263. I appreciate your comment. I began to realize that really, the only opinion that means anything to me other than my own is my fiancé’s. Certainly not out in the field, nor will I ever be. If I am everything that she wants than I am a happy man.

Thanks G263- doesn’t mean I am totally done with PE, just that I am now at a point where I am satisfied with my results. I’d like to mess around with a bathmate and see what that does haha. All jokes aside- I will continue to pe lightly for maintenance and take whatever comes my way.

Originally Posted by Panamera911
Thanks G263- doesn’t mean I am totally done with PE, just that I am now at a point where I am satisfied with my results. I’d like to mess around with a bathmate and see what that does haha. All jokes aside- I will continue to pe lightly for maintenance and take whatever comes my way.

I would steer you away from the Bathmate and to a pump with a gauge. I have both and I found that the standard pump either used with just air or converted to water works much better. You can finess the vacuum level and be much more precise and consistent.

The Bathmate is bulky and I’ve had plenty of seal issues with it. It’s a great idea, but realistically you have no idea what vacuum level you are pumping at. Further, you can get a good pump setup for a fraction of the price.

There is no real perfection in this life I think. The infinite is probably perfection. But all we can reach is infinity - 1. At least with dick sizes. But its a good motivation striving for getting near perfection. imo .. ;)

So what would be a size that works for your life ?

The Bathmate if you want to just maintain and go along with a good hang is a very good tool in this regard. Its bad for high pressure pumping though and a normal pump with gauge beats it theoreticly like G said above.

TNT, whenever there is something about not only thinking about oneself gain with PE I think of your story which is quiet a teaching.

Do PE only for hardness of erection. The saved time can be employed better than pulling your dick.

No one should ever take light his girlfriend/wife’ reactions on this issue. If you keep pulling your penis when isn’t anymore comfortable to her, telling yourself that she ‘will adapt’, that can end your relationship.

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