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Crazy technique

Crazy technique

Hey, I was trying all different techniques very carefully this morning and I found this one little thing I done to be very effective, sorry if someone has mentioned it before, I got my dick looking a lot bigger after I done this - I will need to keep doing it daily to see if the gains can be permanent.

Basically, I got semi erect (about 60%) and kegelled blood into my penis and trapped it between both hands (one hand gripping at the base and the other just below the glans). I started with the glans hand in place before the kegel though.

Then I let my erection subside a little and very lightly twisted my grip round my penis. I occasionally released the base hand and kegelled a bit more blood in and continued the movement. To finish it I got myself slightly harder and pushed the middle of my penis (the engorged part) onto the edge of my bath and softly bent it over it and rolled it.

It felt dangerous, so I done it carefully. It could’ve been useless and maybe the jelqing previously was the only cause of my temporary size gain. But it definately seems like a good idea if done carefully.

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

Twisting? Where?
In any case, “twisting your penis” sounds like you want to give your ligs a chance to tear (doesn’t really matter if erect or not, but it’s easier when it is erect).
The “rolling on the edge of the bath” reminds me of a V stretch (just done 100+ % erect).. I figure it could have effect of clamping (+ bending), but on a broader more uniform scale.

Whatever the possible benefits I won’t try it out..

Good luck and stay careful :)

what i found to work was uli’s modified squeezer or extreme uli.

just trying to help

What your doing are Twisted Squeezes, jaja I called them like that because I read about them in a thread here long ago but don’t remember where is it or how the exercise was called. They are pretty effective for length as I do them almost every day now in my routine.

What might have produced your temporal engorgement surely was because you did those bends on the edge of the bath. They are caller toilet compression squeezes, and they are very effective for width.

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Try this: put your penis when 80% or 100% erect,between your legs (DO NOT HURT YOUR BALLS)and squeeze your penis in the middle of your shaft very hard(not to hard to hurt yourself).This will increase girth at erect and flaccid.

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Sounds extreme, Hardwork. I don’t like the sound of “squeeze… very hard”!

Maybe he is talking about creating scar tissue ;)

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