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Cracked, dry glans and PE

Cracked, dry glans and PE

For several years my glans has been dry and keratinized due to circumcision. For many months now it has gotten deep, horizontal cracks running across the front of it, visible when flaccid and erect. They aren’t painful or anything but they are extremely ugly and embarrassing. This is more than just normal keratinization. I’m looking to start PE to hopefully gain about 2 inches BPEL and 1 EG in the long run, but first I want to tackle dekeratinization. I have heard things about silicone scar sheets, so I may pick some of those up, as well as senslips and the manhood cover (which I’m unable to purchase at the moment). What is the most effective way to dekerarinize the glans? I’m looking to restore the sensation, purple/pink color and remove the cracks (which I have talked to people who have done it). Any experience from those who have dekeratinized, and PE’s effects on keratinization are greatly appreciated. I am looking to restore my foreskin in the near future as well.

Thanks to all!

I’m glad you mentioned restoration, because it was the first thing I thought of. I started restoring a couple of years ago and the difference in sensation is amazing. Just keeping the glans covered ( I use the retaining cone from tlctugger) for a few weeks will make a huge difference toward dekeratinization of the glans. Also using a non-petroleum oil, castor, avocado, olive, will help moisturize and speed up the process.

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Shea butter everyday should help.

I’ve been using coconut oil, started 2 days ago and while it hasn’t made a huge difference, I have noticed my glans looks *slightly* smoother. Have any of you guys used coconut oil and had good results? I will try to pick up some shea butter as well, as it is supposed to be extremely effective

I have no experience with repairing those types of cracks but I have used coconut oil for a myriad of skin issues it works wonders. I can’t imagine that using it would hurt any and hopefully it will help! Good luck!

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You will need to use it daily for a long while before assessing its efficiency.

Yeah, butter will definitely help.

Vit e cream works also. Mix it with some essential oils put it in a condom leave it on for a couple hour or at night it could help.

How did you get this from circumcision? Have you had this since you were a young kid, or did you get a late circumcision or something? Just curious cause I’m circumcised and haven’t really heard of this issue before.

Seems like some good options listed above that all seem like they theoretically could work. If all else, I’d suggest using bio oil twice a day. It definitely works for stretch marks and keeping the skin in good condition overall. Hope this issue starts to subside for you very soon! Best of luck.

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