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Couple questions

Couple questions

Sorry guys, I’m sure that these have been answered a million times, but I can’t find them with search.

If my main goal is girth, is it ok to substitute dry jelqs for wet jelqs in the newbie routine? I’m fine with my length, but I know that my girth is below average. I started PEing over 2 years ago, but I gave up on it early due to lack of sex life. Now that it’s kicked off, I’m a lot more motivated.

My starting stats are: NBPEL: 5.75” BPEL: 6.6” EG: 4.6”

Also, is warm up necessary to gains? I never did it last time I did PE, but I never saw much gains in the only 2 weeks that I was doing it (obviously not really long enough). I realize that I should do it for safety reasons, but I’m curious if it helps gains.


Originally Posted by Firegoat’s signature

If you are not gaining, are you using heat? (Don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret….. heat is the secret ingredient!).

Heat will promote better and safer expansion, so it will help. At least try to do some warm up beforehand!

Alright, thanks… I’ll do the rice sock.

Hey, another question. I was reading the newbie guide and it had a set of ‘girth exercises’ that shouldn’t be done at first. Honestly, they look dangerous and I wouldn’t be too comfortable doing them. I’m talking about the horse 440s, etc. Will jelqing not help girth significantly?

I’m only looking for modest gains… 1/2” on both length and girth and I’d be very happy.

And lastly, this probably really varies, and it has nothing to do with PE, but yesterday when I measured my stats I couldn’t get a completely hard erection probably because I masturbate too much. By that, I mean that I could still bend my dick. I get harder when having sex. Would there be a significant difference in size between a completely hard erection and a semi-hard one? Maybe I’ll go a few days without masturbating and find out myself…

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