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Couple questions

Couple questions

sorry guys, I used the search but after like 5 attempts I gave up, sorry if these have been answered.

1. I really hate jelqing, I get so bored, and to me it feels like I’m doing nothing! So while in the shower, I kind of took the same approach as jelqing except without using a OK grip, I use both of my thumbs and index fingers to grab at the base and go up the shaft. After like 5 minutes, my penis looks like a monster with all the veins. Is this safe, and what is it called?

2. Concerning ADS (all day stretchers right?) Well, I really want to start doing this but I have a question. This may sound dumb but is it possible for my penis to slip out? It sounds really painful! and when I say slip, I mean like when I bend over my penis kinda goes in, what if i have a ADS on and i bend over? (I’m sorry if this is a dumb question)

and this is just kind of a blah question, because since I was asking these questions, I might as well ask these two also.

Tweezing is the best way to remove pubic hair right? in by best I mean, long term, because I hate shaving down there, I’m scared to hold my shaver so close to my stuff.

and last question, Jelqing helps girth the most right? Does it do anything for the length at all?

8/26/08: FL: 3" FG: 3" BPEL: 5" EG: 4" 12/9/09: FL: ?? FG: ? BPEL: 6" EG: right under 4.25"

3/30/09: F:: ?? FG: ? BPEL: 6" EG: 4.25"

Goal: BPEL: 7" EG: 5.5"

I am sooo tired my eyea are crossing. I think I will work out in the morning instead of tonight. Just give lilbig1’s style ADS a try, you will like it and its really hard to slip out. Little purple monkies are malavently pearing at me from out side the window!

Ummm, did that help?

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1. Should be safe if you don’t overdo it - basically you are jelquing, except with a rather unique grip. Watch out for red spots and broken bloodvessels, that is a sign of being on the edge of what is good for you.

2. No idea if your dick can slip out - I would hope the noose or whatever ADS you use will let go at some point; I would imagine you’d have to pin it down so hard that you’d get bloodflow problems otherwise. But I have not heard of anybody actually using them all day, most people seem use them as PDS - part-day stretchers. If you are planning to purchase an ADS, read about the AutoExt (username: monkeybar), if you are going to make one yourself search for piet’s extender and the SuckXtender.

3. Tweezer is probably better than a straight blade… Try tweezing after your shower session, your hair will be softer.

4. Theoretically jelquing will do good in all directions, but that seems to be a bit individual and is probably due to how hard people squeeze contra pull when they jelq.

5. Change that signature to read “when” instead of “if”.

regards, mgus

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As for #1, that grip should do you some good, but I would be concerned that you arent directly adding pressure to the CS, the bottom chamber of the penis, which also includes the head. I have heard of PEers doing your variation before though, can’t rmember off hand if there is a name given to it.

Sounds like what you are doing is a long Uli, unless I am misunderstanding. You you use repeated motion or the same stroke takes 5 minutes? Sorry for my ignorance, but I just can’t picture what you are doing.

No idea about the ADS

Tweezing is the way to go. Try doing it in a warm bath. It makes it much easier.

Jelqing can increase both girth and length. It definitely does better for girth, but it can promote length gains as well.


Thanks for all the help guys!

I hope you guys understood what I meant by the ADS question, because it just sounds kind of scary. I will look into it, thanks you.

Ok here is exactly what I do.

I first kegel like hell to get all the blood in my penis. then with my thumbs and index fingers i grab my penis at the base, when I do that I could see the veins in my penis kinda get more noticable, then I take about 5 seconds and work my way up my shaft and stop right before i get to the head. I do this for about 5 minutes, and when I’m done the veins look so big, it’s great.

8/26/08: FL: 3" FG: 3" BPEL: 5" EG: 4" 12/9/09: FL: ?? FG: ? BPEL: 6" EG: right under 4.25"

3/30/09: F:: ?? FG: ? BPEL: 6" EG: 4.25"

Goal: BPEL: 7" EG: 5.5"

Sounds like a good jelq variation. If it works for you and you like doing it, then I say keep on keeping on. :thumbs:


thanks roomtogrow, i hope everyone gives it a try.

for some reason when I jelqed i couldn’t really see/feel a difference in my penis, but after 5 minutes of whatever that is called, you could feel it and you could see it for damn sure.

8/26/08: FL: 3" FG: 3" BPEL: 5" EG: 4" 12/9/09: FL: ?? FG: ? BPEL: 6" EG: right under 4.25"

3/30/09: F:: ?? FG: ? BPEL: 6" EG: 4.25"

Goal: BPEL: 7" EG: 5.5"

That exercise you’re talking about? Yeah, I’ve heard of it before. I can’t for the life of me remember what it’s called, but I’ve even seen a tutorial video. I’ll give it a try, it sounds very effective!

Sounds kind of like a hand held Uli, to me.

I like your attitude, helpmeeeee. 36 posts in a month. Welcome aboard.

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