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Couple Questions Concerns

Couple Questions Concerns

I just started PE’ing about a week and a half or two weeks ago and had a few questions.

Firstly, I am using the standard “Newbie Routine” recommended on the FAQ page. First question: How erect should I be when I Jelq? I have read anywhere from 50%-80% erection, but what exactly does that mean? Is that engorged but not really stiff to the touch? Or should it be hard enough to stand up? Second question: Should I be doing Uli’s this early on or should that be saved for later on? Third question: If I am able to do Uli’s, how hard should I be when doing them? Same as Jelqing, or should I be fully hard?

Any help with these would be great. Thanks.

Hi, welcome to the forum. :)

First off, I suggest sticking to the newbie routine until your dick becomes conditioned for the more advanced exercises(uli’s, clamping, etc).

Secondly, what are your goals? Length? Girth? Both?

If you want to target length, jelq at lower erection levels(30-40% roughly). To target girth, jelq at higher erection levels(70-80% roughly). And for a bit of both, go for around 50-60%. That’s my opinion. But remember, start off easy in the beginning since you’re a newbie, don’t kill your dick- listen to it, rest when necessary, and stay patient. Hope this helps.

Oh yeah, and to determine erection percentage levels, think of it like this: 0% is completely flaccid, and 100% is like a rock, just figure it out the best you can. Good luck.


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Alright, from your flaccid state, you want some blood flow so that your penis feels much, much meatier but is still very bendable and flexible. If your penis becomes stiff, even though it isn’t fully engorged, this could be troublesome for jelqing.

Save Uli’s for later.

I usually jelq between 60%-90%. I don’t like jelqing with less than that because I feel I’m just squeezing my cock, not jelqing.

My penis is usually pointing up and out when erect, rock hard. So when I’m 60%, it’s actually pointing straight out and it’s softer, smaller and a lot more pliable. When you jelq at these levels, you can really feel the blood getting pushed through as you jelq and that’s the whole point. You should actually see your glans (the head of your penis) get fuller and kind of “shine” after you perform a good jelq.

I hope this helps.

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For a newbie, 50-80% should be about right. It should be engorged, and a bit firm but not stiff. The direction it points is relative to length, an 8inch at 60% would be about just under perpendicular to your body wheras a 5 at 60% would be just under perpendicular. Well I dont know if I have it the wrong way, but you get the point. As you build up your PE experience, your minimal jelqing erection would go up, especially if you are gunning for girth. I wouldnt recommend Ulis now, but if you want to experiment with it then go ahead.

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