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Couple of questions

Couple of questions

Hello everyone,

Just some questions I couldn’t find.

1) When I jelq & stretch most of the time the next day. I get morning wood is this positive? Is there like a positive, negative signs list?

2) I’m focusing on length so I’m doing 50 % <- of EQ. But the problem here is that, when I start to jelq. It’s getting hard really fast, after like 10 strokes. How can I keep it beneath 50 % ?

3) Where does the turtle neck come from? Is it stretching or jelqing? Because using baby oil with stretching, it gets all slippery haha if you know what I mean. So I can’t get a grip on it when using baby oil.

Thanks everyone!

A few answers to your questions.

1) morning wood is good. Keep searching the site for negatives

2)sometimes you just have to let your wood go down some and than continue. Search the site for more on this.

3) a turtle neck comes from the mens department at the store, a turkey neck is when your skin stretches too much near your balls. Search the site for more on this too.

Good luck and remember that there are answers on this site just ask or search first.

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