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Couple of questions regarding PE.

Couple of questions regarding PE.

I’ve dabbled in PE before and never really stuck to anything but I’ve decided to give it a shot while I’m home on break and not having sex every day.

I just want a light workout that I could do in the shower in a few minutes a few times a week.

Would 50 2-3 second flaccid jelqs Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (after I get back from the gym) be adequate for some length gains? I’m not looking to add massive amounts of length with some intense routine, any gains would be cool with me.

Also, I was wondering what does everyone do after their routine. Is it bad to look at porn but not nut afterwards or should I just let him rest?

Also I forgot to ask, what generally happens after your PE routine? My cock was much longer when flaccid when I got out of the shower and for about 10 minutes afterwards then he shrunk smaller than usual. Is this normal or is this a sign I’m doing too much or too little? When he shrunk he also got kind of hard.

Shrinkage and a firm flaccid penis are consequences of too much intensity in your jelqs. I think there isn’t anything wrong in seeing porn after your PE work.

I would advice do jelqs with about 60%-80% erection, doing a 2 on/1 off routine. You could get some gains with a minimal routine, if you are lucky enough. Tell us how it will go.

Good luck!

You will need this tool to maximize your gains in the shortest period and also to make sure your not overworking your penis:

Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!

Starting Stats: 27/10/2008 - BPEL: 5.9' BFSL: 6.1' EG: 5' (I think); Goal: BPEL: 7.9' EG: 6.5'; I want to reach my goal by October 2009. My focus is on lenght at this time.

So should I jelq with less intensity (softer grip) or should I just do less jelqs? I did them with basically a completely flaccid member.

Less intensity. Even if you are jelqing flaccid, blood is moving inside your penis creating a big pressure. If you use a too tight grip you are imposing too much stress to your penis, especially inside the glans.

I’ve seen some posters gaining length with just a manual stretching routine

Maybe you should look into that

I’m gonna try out less intensity tomorrow, I’ve decided I’ll do 50 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I guess it’s just finding the perfect routine that minimizes those negative Pis and maximizes the positives.

Another question, if I feel my cock starting to turtle what should I do? I’ve heard you should never let it do that.

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