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Couple of newbie q's

Couple of newbie q's

Have decided to have a go at this after reading a lot of promising results!

Just have a couple of questions, is it better to be standing up as apposed (sp) to lying down in my bed??

And when is the best time to measure, every week, every two weeks or after a month!

Starting at

Fl: 3.75”
Fg: 4”

El: 5.5”
EG: 5”




Are these realistic goals, I know that it will take time dedication and patience, so aiming for this in about 3 years, obviously the sooner the better!


Welcome to Thunders Place :)

Did not understand the question, If you mean while doing PE, I think it would be best to sit or stand, I do both.

If you mean while measuring, Then I would say while standing up.

Maybe a tiny bit optimistic goals, But there are people here who have gained a lot.

It seems that you are willing to put in the time/work, And that is import, It takes time, But it works!

Try not to measure all the time - you will not notice the incremental gains you are making and you’ll become more obsessed with your ruler than you will with PE..:D
Perhaps measure every 2-3 months properly…

Welcome to Thunder’s…:thumbs:

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Sorry just realised I didnt say, I did mean while doing PE! Might try standing!

Yeah thought the gains might be optimistic but any gain will be welcomed!

Cheers for the help

I would do everything standing.

Bpel 7" Eg 5.5" - Start Aug 25 2005 Bpel 7 3/8" Eg 5.5" - Nov 4 2005 Bpel 7 1/2" Eg 5.5" - Dec 26 2005 AKA italguy.

Sitting on the edge of the bed works for me.

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