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counting the strokes... my routine.... and 'rots'

counting the strokes... my routine.... and 'rots'

Hello guys…

I’ve been at this now for about 2 months…
very small (if any) gains to report yet…

I did start out slowly - like only 100 strokes a day (mon, wed, fri)…
I increase 25 - 50 strokes per week (am up to 250/day now)

I warm up in shower…
use soap for lube (seems to work fine)
strech it out with what I call ‘rots’ (rotational stretches/pulls - like winding a clock :) - I go about 20 -25 clockwise, then counter clockwise… - I find I keep my thumb and palm up - if I use the ‘ok’ grip - it hurts!

jelq - sometimes thumb up, some thumbs down - also vary the ‘pointing direction’ of my penis - more up (more pressure on bottom), and point down (more pressure on top)…

I then do a few uli’s….

Then 50 more ‘rots’ (25 ea way)…

also do a few scrotum tugs/stretches

I noticed on this page Uli’s Routine

at the top, uli states do @ least 200 strokes…
I don’t time myself - I count…
what’s the consensus here - should I keep increasing the # of strokes? - to how many?

If I increase (the quantity) too fast, I can get sore.

also have noticed an occasional ‘wasp waist/coke bottle’ shape - girth is less in the center than the ends…

EL (BP) 5”
EG (at base) 5.5” (increase from 5 3/8”)

Comments appreciated - thanks guys!

‘still considers himself a newbie - maybe a stage 2 newbie by now’
PS - we have a broken link on page

Link to bad forum (forumid 21) removed

The uli link should be Uli’s Routine
(omit the l on the end)…

Thanks !!

Hey SLK,
Thanks for letting us know about the broken links. I fucked up and changed the address of the Uli page and forgot all about the links in lil’s Guide. I should look for other bad links also for that Uli page. I have those fixed now.

I don’t know that I would add any more strokes, maybe just try making each stroke last a little longer and increase that slowly. Also, there is a squeeze post somewhere ( bad case of CRS here) that details a squeeze exercise that may help to alleviate the coke bottle effect. It’s the two handed one, if you can’t find it, maybe someone else will help out here.

Thanks again! Good luck with your program !!

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Wow great old post’s I haven’t read in a long time.



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