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Couldn't get it up today. So embarrassed PE might help

Couldn't get it up today. So embarrassed PE might help

Ok here is the short version.

I havent seen my new gf in two months. We only had sex one time before she went on study abroad. First time it was great. We did it twice for a couple of hours. So much fun and foreplay.

Fast forward 2 months later. I have not seen her since the last time we did it. So today we decided to go for a movie and dinner, but when I got to her place, she wanted to do it before we go and so did I.

I started with a lot of foreplay and licking and kissing etc..

Then she went down on me and I was erect.

When I put the condom on and went it, I suddenly got soft and couldn’t get it up anymore and the more I tried the more embrassed and nervous I got.

She then looked at me and gave me a kiss and said it will be fine. I had to make a sob story that I was having a bad day etc. And my mind was going crazy.

We went out and had a good time, but oh by talk about the embrassment. I never had have this happent to me before. As a matter of face. I used to do it with strangers all the time after the bars and crazy hotel nights.

She was kind of pissed at me and asked me why am I not getting turned on or hard. She thinks I don’t like her or something, which isnt true at all.

I need to show her some good lovin next time and makes sure that this never happens again to me. How can I prevent this from happening?
This is scary to me. Should I take some horny pills next time to me me go wild?

I’m 22 and full of sex, don’t know why this happend today. Just made me feel less of a man:(
I started thinking about PE a few months ago and need to gain some size. I’m only 5.9” long and 4.7 grith. I look so small and it’s affecting my preformance. I never cared before, but now the talk of most of the girls around me about size, etc. I kind of feel small. Could it be this?

IMHO, I think it’s most likely psychological. You’re young and healthy and if you really worry about your size (which, by the way, isn’t bad at all), that can really kill your hard-on.

Try to read as much as you can on this site and you’ll learn a lot. PE can really help the quality of your erections (and size), but it won’t help if you’re constantly thinking that you don’t have enough. You’ll see here that you have plenty penis to go around and that you’re just fine ;)

If you read the basics here and still think you need more, I would give PE a try.

Started: BPEL: 13 cm / EG: 10.5 cm // 27-06-07

Now: BPEL: 14.1 cm / EG: 10.7 cm // 18-10-07

Goal: BPEL: 17 cm / EG: 13 cm // Soon ;)

Actually, never happened to me but it may be psychological, like Sernind said.

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