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Could women just be exaggerating


Originally Posted by Heat89
And I think we can all agree that confidence is infinitely more important than the size of your dick.

Confidence is 100%,why? Well Confidence attracts many of the universal laws and brings overall success to your life.
A guy with an 1 inch EL could own the playboy mansion if he has good confidence.

Learn from this:
Dont care about what woman think about you, they are just “things” we alpha males use for pleasure.
Everytime I hear some story about insecure guys,I wonder,Why the fuck do you bother thinking these stupid estrogen thoughts?
I would be damn fucking proud even if I had an 0.1 inch dick,and you ask me why? Well,It is my tool for pleasure,not anyone elses,it is used to get me some pleasure. Your only concern is “getting yourself some pleasure” and not thinking about what a woman thinks.
“Och Därmed basta” as we say in Swedish .

“Things”? Maybe a good medium is better than an extreme?

Originally Posted by marinera
“Things”? Maybe a good medium is better than an extreme?

It sounded better than “objects”.

By the way,Wifes do not fall under this category of woman.

Oh, yeah. Nor mums neither sisters. :)

Originally Posted by marinera

Oh, yeah. Nor mums neither sisters. :)

Please Behave ;)

MILF and TILF go under the category “Things” along with Paris Hilton :D


I love it big!!


Originally Posted by C.phantasy

Who the f*ck cares about what woman think anyway?

That’s what I always say lol “punkt slut”


Learn to make love to a woman’s mind.

They will not know or care how big your cock is.

You will become the best lover they ever had.

Even twenty years later they will look you up

And want to bed you again.Just watch out .

I had two ex girlfriends become stalkers.

Believe me you do not want that.

Hello guys I’m a newbie here. I stumbled across this thread and thought I’d give my opinion. I have had many female friends (platonic), drank, partied with them and many times penis size came up. I’ve now been married for 8 years so this is only “historical data” per se but anyway most women I knew said 7”-8” was average! Now of course I thought this was bogus as most men lie about there size and probably told them they were 7 or 8 when in fact they were 6-7 or so. Problem is, I am 6-6 1/2 x5 and many times I have been told that I was small. In fact, more times than I would like to admit. Now they never told to my face (well once a girl said is that it?), mostly I heard from their friends. There friends would say things like she said “you were good in bed but a little on the small side” etc.. After a few remarks like that my self esteem plummeted and sexual performance when down hill as well. Guys I’m in good physical shape and a decent looking guy but Id rather be Ron Jeremy. From my experience with women I say size is important, more than they let on. This is why I’m here hoping to increase my member. However, I think it can’t happen. Fortunately, I have a lying wife who says I’m just fine but I have to do this for myself. Anyway that whats I think on the subject.

I’ve seen a lot of posts referring to the vaginal wall only being able to take up to 6.5 inches, it seems to me that this is as much an AVERAGE as 5.9 inch being the AVERAGE penis length.. But it seems to me most guy’s referring to this fact see it as an “upper limit” for all women, am I wrong in saying that?

Also, to keep with what skeptic john was saying: when it comes to what women say about size I completely ignore it now because I have learned that they don’t have a clue what an inch looks like (I’ve asked many and they in general estimate it around 1.5cm) so when they say that 7 - 8 inch is average, they are probably thinking of a 6 incher.. Just not getting it’s measurement right.

I remember showing a girl a standard 6 inch ruler once, to show her what an inched looked like.. Her response: “so that’s 6 inches? Wow, that is actually pretty big then!”

That said, they might not get the whole “inch” idea.. But if she actually sees your cock and says it’s small by comparison to others she’s seen, then you can pretty much count on that being accurate (unless she’s having a go at you.. Which we all know happens a lot!)

"You know that look a woman gets when she wants sex? Me neither" - Steve Martin

Originally Posted by Big Girtha
No. You were right, Sultan, most guys like them big, the bigger the better. I just have a small tit fetish. I’m just wondering if some women feel the same about small dicks, but never admit to it because of the phenomenon Big Dicks have generated. Let’s face it, if the girls are all sitting around bragging about sexual encounters, I’m sure no one would say, “I met this young guy, terrific lover, and his dick was about the size of a cocktail weenie,” even it that were the case.

As far as preferences go, I have to say, I like, and am married to at least a D cup. ( :) ) However, I do not LIKE too much bigger than that. Absolutely monstrous tits, to me, become unattractive.

At the same time, tits that look like a BB on a piece of wood, are not at all attractive to me. The difference to me, is that penis size does have some sort of direct correlation to sexual satisfaction during intercourse. Large, medium, small, or tiny tits do not affect in any way, how intercourse itself feels.

This is where I call bullshit on girls when they try to use these comparisons as parallel arguments.

Finally, of course women exaggerate. We ALL want to feel like we hooked up with “the best” don’t we? Even if it means we kid ourselves, if it makes us happy, so be it. If any girl wanted to, or did, brag about the size of my dick, even if it was 3x3, I’d feel pretty fucking good. (aka HAPPY ;) )

Paraphrased: It is not the critic who counts: The credit belongs to the man in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, who, at the best, knows the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.

Hmm, this seems to be a very controversial topic.

I was watching this guys PE blog the other day where he bought a program from the internet and went from 5.5 EL to 7.0 EL.

And he was saying that 7 inches is the perfect size for him because even though it doesn’t sound like much, sometimes he gets complaints from the women that he sleeps with about his dick being too big and hurting them.

But then again, it would be very interesting to know what his girth was, cause that might be the problem.

So yeah, it’s quite interesting.

As for me, I’m 6.75 EL and I’d love to have at least an 8 inch.

But maybe that’s male ego talking?

I’m the same kryptic, I’ve got to say tho I’d never trade my average length, above average girth for a good length and average girth. Not only because (from reading thunders) it seems gaining girth is a bitch and gaining length is comparatively easy.. But also, when it comes to sex.. The proof is in the pudding, girls like the feel of a fatty.

Nonetheless, I want more length


I’d say mostly, as much as I might like to be immune from caring what others think, at the end of the day, length seems to be what we all measure as the standard, and we all want to be “big” by that standard

There is however another element to it, proportion. Looking at my cock, I think it looks short. Is it? No, it’s average, but it looks shorter because of the girth.

Do girls care about this? I don’t know

All I know is I don’t want to look down and see a 330ml can of pepsi.. But a 500ml can of Stella on the other hand? ;)

"You know that look a woman gets when she wants sex? Me neither" - Steve Martin

I prefer small to average size titties, B or small C cup is perfect. Now a round ass- that’s what gets my attention!


Originally Posted by Duffman82
There is however another element to it, proportion. Looking at my cock, I think it looks short. Is it? No, it’s average, but it looks shorter because of the girth.

I see, in that case I think you’re sweet. I wouldn’t mind looking short if it meant me having a nice thick one.

Originally Posted by Duffman82
Do girls care about this? I don’t know
All I know is I don’t want to look down and see a 330ml can of pepsi.. But a 500ml can of Stella on the other hand? ;)

Haha, too true. Although, do you think even though it will make the girl feel good, they might find it ugly?
In situations like giving head etc.
Having length to match is obviously the desired size, but girth is definitely going to satisfy your girl more. Unless it’s too big, and in that case you won’t be scared of the “Is it in yet?” comments as much as the “Ahh, don’t worry about it then!” comments where they’re frustrated sex isn’t a pleasurable experience anymore.

Originally Posted by doggmann
Now a round ass- that’s what gets my attention!

I’m so with you mate, I’m an ass man too.


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