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Could women just be exaggerating

“The bigger the better for what”? I mean, they like (supposing this is true) men with big-penis as kinda a status symbol ( “I can show me with the big penis/wallet/fame model.”) or they like them for sex? Or for both?

Originally Posted by dontwanttosay
I’ve got a little theory that just like men when in group situations women compete, I think if you hear a group discussion between women without any men around they always take about bigger being better and wanting a big fat cock, and tell stories of previously large men they’ve been with, and/or even there current partners. You also find women lie to each other about there current partners, almost as if it proves they have a better man if he has a bigger penis. Yet the funny thing is women can’t take allot of dick, there is a study on vaginal size (I can post a link if anyone wants to see it) that’s says on average women are around 6.5 inches deep, there are variables obviously. This basically means any bigger than 6.5 and you may start hitting there cervix which can be extremely painful and not enjoyable at all for them. So I figure this whole thing with women wanting these monstrous cocks is bull! A big penis sure from say 6.5 - 7.5 maybe but anymore wouldn’t be usable anyway? And obviously girth is also a factor and girls vagina’s can dilate massively for child birth but bigger than around 5.5 inches for some women can be painful too. Don’t get me wrong I want a ridiculous big 8x6 or more like all you other fellas here want to, but I want it for my own strange penis envy and confidence. The thing is I no from previous relationships that once your getting giggy certain positions and thrusting a little to hard can hurt girls, even a average’ish fella like me can be too big. As well as a close friend of mine we nicknamed the bull as he’s hung like one hardly ever gets any action as he’s just too big! So my question to everyone is, do women want giant cock or is just a load of bravado in front of other people? (I ain’t including the ‘size queens’ obviously) I think most are more than happy with anything over 6, and more important than cock size is looks, physique, confidence, all manner of things. I just feel woman go on about wanting it big because that’s what stereotypes and society tell them is best, and if anyone was to slap a 10x6 in one of these girls faces 80% at least would run screaming in fear!! Anyone agree or disagree?

There is truth in that, I think. I am 7.5” x 5.675” and i hit cervix in most of the women i’m with. most either don’t like that at all or only under certain circumstances, so i have to use caution if I want to use the whole thing. All the women I’ve been with have felt that I was large and , all except for one said things that led me to believe ( those that didn’t tell me straight up) that I was the largest they’d had. Of course, I haven’t fucked hundreds of women, either . lol. But the dozen or so I have been with, including two 10 year relationships , all felt that I was large. So, I’ll agree with you that women are like men. Group “cool” talk is often exagerated based on what we think others will think is cool. And, before anyone says it, I do believe the women I’ve been with. The indirect things that have been said, were certainly not said to flatter me and I’ve been in very honest, open (communication-wise) relationships. I tend to inspire that kind of thing in people. So, I believe the ones who directly told me they’d ever been with bigger. It’s actually supported by the size findings based on percent.

Thanks for the replies guys, ‘titleist’ your comment baffles me your bigger than almost 90% of men in the porn industry never mind average men!? So I’m guessing the women who made the comments were just being hurtful, as you could permanently damage someone with your member!! ‘Irishjim’ and ‘devilknight666’ I think was right on the money, my girlfriends brags to her friends about my dick being huge, when it’s not, that’s were I got the idea for this post, I guess from what you guys have said it just proves that penis size is more important to other men, than to our women! Women may say in a group situations that it really matters, but in actuality it means nothing as long as it’s average or above, and you know how to use it, behind close doors they really don’t mind, just like the ‘breast value system’ mentioned by ‘Sultan’ we wouldn’t necessarily turn down a women because her breasts we’re smaller than the size we wanted. So thanks again for your posts guys all had good points, though I will say one thing even though this confirms it doesn’t matter as much as I think, I’m still going for that big fat scary cock, that’s going to make women’s jaws drop!! 8x6 I’m coming for you!

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Good posts but please use paragraphs and not just big blobs of text.

That’s what I was thinking!

Just one mention against the ‘breast value system’ analogy.

We all agree that there is a social pressure that makes women claim bigger penises for their partners. Also, there are enough stupid males that think they should display an Al Bundy profile (baseball/football/soccer fans, drinking beer, enjoying big balconies) even if they have other preferences, seeking social acceptance.

The analogy stops here.

While (almost) any woman is turned on seeing a big penis and no one at a small penis, a lot of men find small tits way sexier than big boobs.

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Couldn’t a woman be turned off seing a big penis?

Who the f*ck cares about what woman think anyway?

I didn’t know you were gay, C.P.

Originally Posted by Big Girtha
I actually prefer an A cup.

Hear, hear!!! I’m with you brother!

Originally Posted by marinera

I didn’t know you were gay, C.P.

Nope,not Gay, Im just a Horny Straight viking ;)

But I think a lot of people here get too focused on what woman think about them. Get some confidence!

Agree on that.

And I think we can all agree that confidence is infinitely more important than the size of your dick.

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Confidence is 75% of dick size? Oh, sta!!!



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