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Could PE cause testicle pain

Could PE cause testicle pain

I haven’t been doing any PE for a couple weeks, because of a minor injury I had with a numbness and tingling in the penis that went away quickly once I started taking a break. However, I recently have developed a serious ache in my right testicle. I went to the doctor, he thinks it might be epididymitis, so I am taking antibiotics (only day 2). I was wondering if anyone has heard of people somehow developing pain in their nuts from doing PE. It doesn’t seem very likely to me. I was only doing the newbie routing (manual stretches and jelqing), but I wanted to check because really I have no idea. It seems like it could be epididymitis but I didn’t/don’t have any other symptoms like fever, etc.

I have also started doing foreskin restoration lately with a DTR, but the pain in my nut started before that, plus I can’t see how it would possibly cause pain in the testes. Any thoughts?

Starting/Current: BPEL: 7'' Girth midshaft: 5.5''

Goal: 8.25 BPEL X 6.5 midshaft

I had no testicle pain, but sometimes I felt a tittle pain in the ligaments below my penis, but not anymore.

Beginning: 5,9" (15cm) x 4,4" (11cm)

STG: 6,3" (16cm) x 5,1" (13cm) :: LTG: 6,7" (17cm) x 5,5" (14cm)

Now: 5,9" (15cm) x 4,8" (12,7cm)

I’ve had testicle pain before at random times during my PE career but only lasting maybe a day.

Start:7.5 BPEL X 5 MSEG

Goal: 7 MSEG

Heere We GOOooh!

PEing can cause temporary mild testicular pain. It’s not difficult to irritate a nut by repeatedly bumping it during jelqing (even if you don’t feel any pain at the time), taking holds a little too far back when doing squeezes at the base, and so on. I’ve been there several times.

Another thought is that as a newbie, you are more prone to odd pains and issues that may not affect you later on. I had my share when I began. In my first few months PEing I did far less per session than what the standard “newbie routine” calls for. And my PE sessions were few and far between. Eventually the kinks worked out.

If PE is the cause, a week or two off should allow the nut pain to resolve. Don’t be in a rush. PE is a long term project.

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