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Could length gains be coming

Could length gains be coming

I been focusing on length gains the past month, I believe I was over training so I took a week of because my flaccid was smaller than usual the whole week, now I actually do less and it seems like it’s working better.
My flaccid is hanging bigger than ever before, how many in general go by and you measure and say I increase .3 in length? And on my off days I wrap for about 2 hours in the morning and 3 at night. I believe that has helped me a ton as well.

I am excited and will keep working smart towards my goal.

I gained .3” in first 11 days of PEing, but it didn’t last that long. For solid length gains, it took me about 2 month (it’s a guestimation only).

But it isn’t important how fast you gain (because every dick is different), if you gain at all it’s all just a matter of time before reaching a goal.

I believe it’s permanent, I been doing the newbie routine 4 months now, and these are my first gains. I always was frustrated because I read people always gaining in about 2 weeks, at least now I know it works and I will keep working, I’m motivated.

In the first weeks most newbie-gains come from improved erections/better blood circulation.
So when you already got rockhard erections you won’t notice such early gains.

Are you jelqing? What is your routine?

I do jelq. This is what my routine looks like right now

I do 1 day one and one off

I warm up in the tub for about 5-6 minutes
I stretch, I believe it’s called tunica tugs for about 5 minutes
I jelq for about 3 minutes which is a total count of 80 jelqs
I do DLD blasters(recently started doing them)
And kegel throughout the day

I do it as a split routine one in the morning and one in the evening a couple hours before bed and on my off days I wrap my penis as a ADS, I heard it helps flaccid and I really need that.

I’m into PE for 2 months now. I did not see no big length gains at first but little by little I have gained about 0.4” bpel. Maybe it is indeed because my EQ were and are still rockhard so I didn’t see big gains right away like some. Anyway I’m glad I stuck to a basic routine: warm up, stretching with kegels, jelqing, warmdown or cooldown after some edging (I like cooldowns better after edging). I do this 3 days on 1 day off. I will continue this until I see no more gains (after let’s say a month).

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