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Could I have a mild form of ED?

Could I have a mild form of ED?

Here’s what I know.

Night wood is basically non-existent while morning wood only recently became somewhat frequent with the introduction of ulis at the end of every workout.

I can at best get a semi with mental stimulation. Usually it’s nothing more. I almost always require physical stimulation to get hard however maintaining an erection is not a problem.

I am not a heavy porn user. I recently went more than a year without watching any porn and before that, porn incidents were very infrequent. Only recently did it start to become more common. Despite this, I also find that getting an erection from viewing porn usually doesn’t happen either.

Spontaneous erections for no reason almost never happen. In fact, I can’t remember the last one.

Finally, getting and keeping an erection is usually not a problem but it requires a combination of mental and physical stimulation and seems to fade rather quickly unless maintained.

I know that despite all of this, sex would not be a problem if I were to have it (still a virgin). It’s just that all of these indicators seem to be saying my EQ is not would it should be. Anyone have any advice?

If you have morning woods, it is unlikely that you don’t have night woods - just you aren’t aware of them.

You don’t have ED at all.

Yeah I’ve got some advice, if you’re overdoing PE at all then do it a little less. Do a good amount of kegels. If you haven’t actually done this to check your night wood then wrap a small piece of paper around your unit when your go to sleep, if its broken when you get up then you had night wood. You don’t have ED, but it’s worth improving :)

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Don’t beat off or do PE for a week and report back.

(P.S. you don’t have ED, and as marinera says if you have morning wood, you have night wood, you just aren’t aware of it)

Doesn’t sound like ED at all.

I can say the exact same things about myself while I am on a routine.

I am taking a decon break right now and I can say that I have all of those things that you do not.

Try a decon break and see what happens.

Thanks for the advice guys. I am aware that kegels improve blood flow but have been too lazy to do them. I suppose that if I have the dedication to do my other PE exercises I can fit in some kegels to.

Is it good to take decon breaks every now and then just because or are they only a good idea if an injury has been sustained?

Originally Posted by sta-kool
Decon breaks are important. Gives your unit time to rest. I have grown during decon breaks.

What would you recommend as a good amount of time for a decon break? The reason I never took them unless injured is because I was afraid of my unit getting out of the game.

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