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Cortisone injections Anyone Ring in here

Cortisone injections Anyone Ring in here

Well first off let me say I have bad knees. So thats why I am getting them. I have read that cortisone helps loosen ligs. I have been doing the newbie routine for about 5 months now and hanging as well as ADSing. No injurys yet. When I get the cortisone injections should I bump up my PEing some like more weight I am up to 10lbs but I use 5lbs about 3 hours a day. Just say this If you knew your ligs were going to loosen lets say for 2 weeks what would you do to utilize the medication. Clamp, Pump, hang, ads, jelq, kengel like hell. What would you do personaly. I am an intermediate to PE. I have about an inch of loose skin from hanging so far. Can not wait untill my unit is stretched stiff to fill that skin. I pump at least once a week and clamp twice a week, and ads/hang 3 hours a day. I don’t jelq anymoe but would really get back into it If you guys think I could see some easy gains from the medication. Have any of you VETS or otherwise had this opertunity and what did you do and what gains did you notice. If any.

10 Inch Ego

Well I have read up on all the post dealing with cortisone injections and there really is not much about it. But I will ask my FINE ass LAdy doc to stick me in the groin around the pubic bone and Inject like hell. Lets just say needles don’t bother me. As long as I convince her that It will work which it is a sound theory. And pluss I am paying her to do it we will see and I will post eveything about it. I will make the appointment today. I will Let you guys know how the gains go.
As of this moment I am 6 inches bone pressed erect and 5 inch eg. I will post again when I have the injections and then PE like mad.

May be one day I will be called 12 inch ego.

My guess is that if she’s an ethical physician she won’t do it. Doctors may provide a “service,” but it’s based on their assessment of the situation and not necessarily on the patient’s demands. You may be compensating her for her services, but it isn’t the same as selecting things from a menu and expecting to receive the things you order and pay for.

Steroids have several effects and getting more than you need isn’t always a good thing. The drug is eventually removed from the site of injection for metabolism and can work in other parts of the body. Since you’re already receiving them, I’d say just do what you’ve been doing. Adding additional weight while hanging might be an invitation to injury if you’re not ready. Many of our members have experienced gains using manual PE methods and they didn’t have any “added benefits” from steroid injections.

However, if you’ve been on the Newbie Routine for five months it may be time to add extra jelq time or try alternate methods, which you’ve been doing. Some guys gain easy, others don’t. You have to see how you respond and alter the routines until you find something that works well for you. Adding cortisone injections to your groin while doing exercises that aren’t working won’t make you gain since the primary means of increasing size is the exercise itself.

First of all Cortisone is a dangerous hormone and should not be used on the penis. A few years ago I developed eczema on my genitals. Once I started using topical steroids elocon and hydrocortisone for 2 x a day for nine straight mos. The rash became worse and cortisone does not heal it masks the problem. My problem is I developed severely depressing side effects, besides skin thinning, etc. I developed erectile dysfunction problems. My erections are now very soft and non rigid. I have been to several doctors but they have no answer, I am convinced it was the topical steroids. Stay Away!! Unless absolutely necessary to deal w/ scar tissue etc. If you do not have a problem Don’t start one.

Ok cool info Pavil, but I do have an appointment for injections in my knees. The hurt like a bitch. I have been on Cortisone for about 2 years now. I just never thought about PE after the injection. I hope that is does loosen the ligs some.

8-13-05 6.25 inch bpel (not really bone pressed too much fat for that, just what I can measure) 6 5/8th in pump 5.25 inch eg 8-14-05 6 7/8 inch in pump at same 8-10 hg. 8-19-05 7 inches even in the pump. Going for 8x6 but will be happy with 7x6.

The injections are into your knees, right? I mean, the pain is within the joint, so you’re getting cortisone injections into the joints? And you’ve been getting them for 2 years?

I don’t know if your doctor has told you this, but with doctors there are 2 camps: those that love cortisone, and those that don’t. So here it is, as explained to me by a physiatrist (a pain specialist) :

The argument is around pain relief versus managing the cause of the pain. Studies have shown that repeated cortisone shots into a joint will eat away at surface of the joint. If the joint surfaces aren’t smooth, you get a lot of wear/tear that can cause pain. So some doctors shy away from using it, and only use it sparingly. Others think it gives them a miracle cure for the here-and-now, and hand it out like candy when treating pain.

I’m not sure what your exact knee problem is, but I thought I’d let you know this info. I’d be especially concerned if you are finding that the knee pain is coming back worse each time the shots wear off.

As for your dick, don’t even think about it! Cortisone is a steroid, and it could have real consequences that close to the genitals. Besides, it can block more than pain receptors! Would you want to risk having your dick go numb or something?

PE is awesome! _______________________________ Start 04/2005.. Gains: 3/8" EL, 3/8" EG Short Term Goal: +1-1/4" EL, +1" EG

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