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Correcting Chordee with stretches

Correcting Chordee with stretches

Hi am a 27 year old male and I suffer from Chordee.

Chordee is a condition in which the penis curves downward (that is, in a ventral direction). The curvature is usually most obvious during erection, but resistance to straightening is often apparent in the flaccid state as well. In many cases but not all, chordee is associated with hypospadias. Source: Wikipedia

I do not have hypospadias and my level of chordee may very well be minor. I do not suffer from pain, my erections are just fine. What bothers me more is the visual appearance of my downward curve, which I would go out on a limb and say is near 25-30 degrees down starting near the middle. Certain sex positions are uncomfortable as any position that requires my penis to be straight or be forced into an upward curve position can be difficult.

Basically, I think the form of chordee I suffer from is where the skin/tissue/muscle on the underside of my penis is slightly shorter then the top.

I have not been to a urologist specifically about my condition.

However, I wanted to know if doing certain penile stretches could possibly help my situation?

A couple stretches I do are:

1. While limp, I grasp the end of my penis (behind the head) and turn it upwards while pulling on my shaft. This creates some tension and a stretching feeling on the underside of my penis.

2. While semi-hard or fully erect, I do a similar technique but only turn it upward just pass being “straight” or slightly upward. When erect, this stretch causes the most tension and feeling of “stretching”.

So I wonder if doing #2 for long enough (months and months) do you think I might possibly slowly stretch the underside of my penis to mildly correct my curve? I am realistic and don’t expect to ever get a straight penis, however if I could diminish my curve, it would certainly improve my feelings about my issue.

Surgery is not something I want nor would I consider unless my condition got worse.


I could post a picture at some point if that would be helpful.


Well I cant say that I suffer from the same thing but when I used an extender (which is what I used to gain length) I almost totally straitened my penis. I had a slight upward curve. Not a big curve but just the average or normal bit of curvature. Now its almost completely straight. Actually it is completely straight unless I have a super hard erection.

So you may want to look into that.

Also just about any stretching exercise should work to help a little. I’m sure hanging would help as well but you shouldn’t be doing any of that till you’ve been on the newbie for 2-3 months or more.

WARNING don’t stretch with a fully erect penis. This can cause some serious injury. I wouldn’t do it if I where you. No reason to have a straight dick if it doesn’t work any more.

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Just for the record, I don’t stretch with a complete hardon. However, I have done some mild stretching when I am about 80-90 % hard. I just find I feel the stretch a little better then when limp.

With chordee, I have learned something. If I am limp, and I pull the skin back near the middle of my penis, the head doesn’t really point very much downward. However, if I pull the skin back closer to the head, the head takes a downward dive.

THis is how chordee pretty much works, it’s a shortening of the skin/tissue/muscle on the underside of the penis, so I am not exactly sure where the specific point of the problem lies, but I believe it’s closer to the head.

I can post some pictures at some point.

Also, I am not a complete newbie, I have done PE before, but I have just never been 100% committed. I am not saying I want to necessarily do PE now, but just trying to find out if stretching is ok.

When I sit back and think about the human body and what people have been able to do with it over decades and centuries, it almost seems perfectly logical to think that stretching over a given time will make a difference. It’s hard to think it WON’T work.

There are cultures that stretch their necks and place rings around their stretch necks. Takes time, but they can do it. So I truly believe, with plenty of time, I can definitly stretch the underside tissue on my penis which in turn would help with my curve.

Thanks for the info

Chordee is not limited to ventral penile curvature. Someone with an upward curving penis also has chordee.

Originally Posted by Big Z
Well I can’t say that I suffer from the same thing but when I used an extender (which is what I used to gain length) I almost totally straitened my penis.

What extender did you use, and for how long?

Also did you supplement with anything else?

If it is affecting you negatively (sex positions being painful), IMO you ought to at least talk to a urologist about it. He would be the expert on this condition.



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