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Correct Stretching

Correct Stretching

Hey guys I been doing a lot of stretching need a little more help =I
When I stretch my penis I pull it with an ok Grip with either a 40-65 % hardness and to the max it goes.But when I stretch it does all the skin need to be pulled? For an examples when I pull some of my skin is rolled up to the Gland(Dick Head) is that how It suppose to be? Another thing is when I do stretch I feel like a weird feeling where my pubs are.Is that good as well? For the look,with my steady,well so call steady PEing I seen a lot of hang when not hard.I WANT LENGTH!!

I gained a few Cm’s But nothing that gets me really Happy. But now my EG are nice now =D

1 full min of each direction( Down,Straight out,Up,Left,Right,Back down) Then 5 reps 3 sets of JAI Stretching
Then 100 Jelqs 50 Ulis from the video.

Twice a day ( Few hours after I wake up And a few hours before I go to bed)
If you guys have pics,tips and all please pass them down =D looking for a good solid Length Gains Quick~.

You must be patient when aiming for gains from a beginning with PE. Give it three months at least.

Sometimes, Guys find that jelqing before stretching is more beneficial to gains.

From what you say it indicates you are uncircumcised. If that is the case then skin is more likely to be pulled up to you Glans (not gland) and stretch your pubes skin.

If so, then try holding the skin down to the base of your penis with one hand and jelq with the other. - You can change hands if they get tired.

Hope that helps

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Yea I’m circumcised.When I pull it’s like a few layers left underneath the head.But well see about the jelqing then stretching.I’m just worried that the soreness I get where my pubs are is a sign of negative peing.=(

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