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correct measurements

correct measurements

Well my dick when its erected , it has a curve upwards so i cant really take measurements from the top but i get from the sides.It is the same right? i saw a progress report with fotos and this guy claimed 13, 5 cm Bpl and measuring from the top having the same curve i think. Mine is 16 nbpl and i think we have the same length in fotos.Can fotos be that tricky ? Or am i measuring wrong?

Take both measurements.

Well from the top i get 15.5 bpl and from the sides 17..

I’ve a strong curve and it makes impossible to know exactly how much I gain so I decided to measure along it to check results.

I suggest to remember both the measurements.

Also BPFSL changes along with BPEL often and can be done outstretched.
You guys should all measure BPFSL. Its anyway th ebst way to gauge length gains/improvement.

How does BPFSL relate to your BPEL guys with big curve?

I am 8” BPFSL and about the same length straightening at around 80% level of erection. I simply can’t do it when I’m fully hard.

Well ill follow the side measurement it makes me feel better:)

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