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Correct Kegels

Correct Kegels

Okay so this might be a common question, but Iv looked for it and can’t find exactly what my situation is.

So as I do my kegels, I feel my PC muscle being worked. But after awhile, it feels as though I’m just sucking in my rectum haha.

Idk if this is a correct feeling while doing kegels, so it would be nice if someone could fill me in.

One place that you can really feel the contraction is between your scrotum and your anus. Try standing up and gently stretching out your penis straight in front of you. Then, with your free hand, place a finger or two between your scrotum and anus and lightly press. Then perform a Kegel. If you felt the contraction, you are doing a Kegel.

I suppose the proximity could explain why your rectum feels that way.

Regardless of what some might say, one cannot completely separate PS and rectum contractions, just put emphasis on the former.

it would be nice if someone could fill me in.

What does that exactly mean? :)

Starting BPEL: 6.9" (Dec.1st, 2008)

Current BPEL: 8.11" NBPEL: 7.63" BPFSL: 9.09"

Current MEG : 5.6"

I seem to have that problem too, I feel more contraction in my PC then the BC, is there any known techniques used to try put more power on the BC instead of the PC. A certain sitting position, standing position? I also noticed that just when I wake up, and still in bed, and then try do a bit of kegel, I really feel the BC, it almost feels like the feeling you get when exercising your bicep or any other big muscle, it really leaves a feeling of a “workout”. But I don’t understand why I can’t achieve this feeling during the day.

-------Starting Januari 1 2006 ---BPEL: 5.86" (14.9cm)---- ----EG: 5.9" (15cm)---- ------(( Goal ))------ BPEL: 7" (17.78cm)---- EG: 6.5" (16.5cm)----

Question: Which way of doing kegels is better: doing it regularly while penis is flaccid or lifting the towel with the erect penis?

Makes no difference IMO. Training the muscle to contract fully is all that’s required. Daily isn’t needed either. Every other day, a hundred contractions or so, should be enough.

(My opinion has changed over the years. Those searching for responses on this topic may find I gave different advice a few years back. Now I see Kegel’s exercise as a nice adjunct to PE, but not one of the more important ones.)

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