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Corona extra girth ?

Corona extra girth ?

Hi guys I am compiling a list of objects and their circumference and I am missing the CORONA extra girth..
It would be really great if someone took pictures of a corona bottle and the smaller CORONITA bottle with a tailor tape all around and posted them..

I have searched the net and I couldn’t find the exact dimension and people on the net tend to give approximations rather than exact numbers, and I have roughly identified,
The coronita to be 6” in circumference..
The corona extra to 7” in circumference..
But I need the exact numbers,
Length measurement and also the neck of the bottle girth measurement would also be very welcome thanks.

There are a lot pictures of girls on the net with corona bottles in their hands.. And their hands comes in all sizes and here at last we can see how hand size is affecting how a certain penis girth tend to look be it bigger or smaller..
And more importantly (and I hope that I am not going against forum rules) is that there are several amateur videos on the net of girls playing, masturbating or penetrating themselves with the CORONA bottle.. And let me tell you that none I could find did succeed in inserting it all.. Of course these are amateur videos and not extreme stuff.. So at last you can see what I believe to be a 7” girth next to a normal woman vagina.. And it looks so huge that you would believe that it is more that 7”..
I would really appreciate if someone could post the measurement thx.

I think 7” on a penis girth is more pliable than a bottle, which is why it can fit. Also, a bottle is a much rounder girth whereas a penis is a wider object in its girth. Either way, 7” girth is huge.

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