This is a topic I have spent much time on. I’ve asked almost all the women I’ve been with, I’ve analyzed size charts looking at how many bigger guys there may be, thickness and/or length. Then I’ve calculated how many guys a woman would have to sleep with to have a probable 100% chance to have been with a thick and/or long guy. I’ve discussed this topic in many threads at Thunder’s and I’ve pondered my own inner weaknesses and strengths concerning dealing with this reality. By nature I’m very curious about this topic, but as a moderator recently told me in a thread, I can be my own worst enemy by thinking so much about everything concerning sizes of women and men. I have a size fetish in that I’m extremely attracted to very endowed women. If a woman happens to be extra attracted to big dicks, then who am I to say anything about it. Afterall, I’m the same way about women. When it comes to coping it’s very important to realise most women do not think about the topic like many men do. A big dick can be icing on the cake for her, but she likely not to be thinking about it at all. Also, there really are some women who prefer average and don’t like big. So if she says she has had bigger, it doesn’t have to mean she liked it better. While I do think size matters to the majority of women, most simply do not go around thinking about it because it’s not important to them. There are size queens, but they make up a small percentage of women. If she was a size queen, she most likely wouldn’t be with you now if you aren’t big.

We should keep in mind we have found PE—- this is key to coping with concerns. We have the means to cope with any of this stuff now, perhaps get as big as we want to if we are dedicated about it. We have stepped into a gold mine. Get serious and get big and the coping days are over. After you’re big, if the relationship doesn’t last, then the next guy will be the one having to cope with hearing about you.