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Cool Flaccid Head

Cool Flaccid Head

I have been doing the newbie routine for about 3 months with a fair amount of success in my opinion. My EQ is much better than before and I have had no injuries, but sometimes when flaccid the glans are a little cool. The rest of my flaccid is very warm and the head warms up just fine when I get an erection. When erect, the head is not deflated or weak looking either. Is there any problem here?

My observation, my opinion.. The penis, like the scrotum are thermal reactive - they respond to external temperature in an attempt to regulate internal temperature. Before I got serious about PE my unit was a serious cold turtler. The most extreme cases were after long, winter bike rides where it has little protection and significant exposure. After a ride he was tiny, withdrawn, and cold. Now that I’ve has significant PE gains, and I’ve adopted the never-let-it-turtle mantra, my unit is unable to react as extreme in these extreme conditions.

BUT, to your point, I’ve found that my unit is overall less thermally reactive now - no turtling. Add to this the added flaccid hang and the results are more exposed tissue, further from the body - a cold penis. Even on moderate weather bike rides, he’s out in the wind and get’s really cold. I’ve also had to find new ways to tuck him to accommodate the increased size with my desire to get low in the drops. BPP - big penis problems. ;-)

This, along with my overall belief in maintaining circulation and expansion during healing, has me constantly massaging throughout the day. I’ve actually gotten pretty good and holding a stealth stretch through the pockets of my fleece pants. At least I think it’s stealth.. I haven’t been arrested as a pervert yet. :)

Exactly my problem. I have to keep milking it through a pocket or find hiding places where I can haul it out of my pants so I can tightly squeeze the base of my shaft while whipping it as hard as possible to get some warm blood flowing into my head. Otherwise, it gets so cold, it hurts! .Not to mention the rest of my meat!

I wish I could find some sort of thermal heated sleeve aka a cock warmer to maintain a nice hot temperature.

This last year it’s been the worst ever along with the lowest E.Q. Of my life. I can get it no more than a 1/4 at best and it only lasts for a minute if that. Before, I could get a nice 8 inch semi that was firm enough for sex It’s got me very depressed which makes it even worse of a problem!

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