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Converting BPFSL to BPEL

Converting BPFSL to BPEL

Is there any evidence that erect stretching will allow your BPEL to catch up to your BPFSL?

1-8-05 BPEL:5.50 EG:12 cm (did nothing major for 2 years)

2-29-08 BPEL:7.00 EG:5.5 BPFSL:7 5/16

GOAL: 9x7 I'm so serious about this now!

Not that I know of.

BPEL is BPFSL * EQ - so perhaps some edging, pumping, jelqing and/ or clamping would help get the hydraulics up and running.

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I wouldn’t be erect stretching, When you gain from stretching, usually you see the gains first in flaccid length, but Erect gains will come over time, just be patient.

So BPFSL eventually converts to BPEL over time am I correct?

I have been PEing for four months and have made my only noticeable gains in BPFSL 1”, but not yet in BPEL. I was hoping if I just continue my routine the hydraulics will catch up, is that the consensus?


So BPFSL eventually converts to BPEL over time am I correct?

I wouldn’t go that far, slanker: the statement that “Gains in BPEL are usually preceded by FL and BPEL gains” is probably a little closer to the truth.

There are no guaranteed gains.


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