Contradictory Physiologic Indicators on my penis

First of all, this morning I waked up early [because of my alarm clock] and find myself without any morning wood. This, reading Sparkyx article, is a negative PI.
I closed my eyes, wondering how I did stress to much my unit, and decide for a breakfast. I lazily stand up and went for the kitchen, wondering how should I change my routine, and then decided to see how bad I was doing, I decided to measure my loss. Drinking my morning the and having problem to get my penis erect, I decided after a little that my semi erect would have do the same to give me an idea. [I had a loss in hardness, that should be another negative PI]
And here the problem. My flaccid cock have the exactly same length of last time I did measure it. Only that this time I was not at my 100% of erection. So, gain? And not a little one, another 2/5 of an inch one(0.4), and I did that last measurement the 17 of this month. Today is the 28. It fill a little, well, to much of a gain in so little time. I’m 7.5, flaccid, my guess is I should be 7.9 at full power? [Nbpl, I do not use to mesure bpl]

As for a side note, my routine is 5 minute of preparation to get my dick hot, 20 minute of stretch, where I alternate the stretch exercise that I now and fill like “easy” , that shouldn’t stress my penis to much.. But this week I did decided to refine my routine, 20 minute of stretching was make me felling it was not my limit, as if I could do much more, so kinda doubled it, I have bring the preparation to 5/10 minute, e the stretching to 40, And as for the rest day, from 2 on 1 rest, 6 on 1 rest.

And my penis curve is almost correct, I fill near the time I will add jelq and other girth exercise on my routine.

Ps: here is 9.32 of morning, I kinda wake up just now and start trying to guess what to do today.

Starting Size: 7 x 5 (may/2010, new to PE though) / 18,2 cm x 12,6

Size now: 8.78 x (not mesured) / 22,3 cm x ??

Short term goal: 10 x 7 Long term goal: empregnate the moon seething home and looking the US's Super Bowl.