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Continuous motion? - or take a break during the session

Continuous motion? - or take a break during the session

Hello guys…

Still keepin the routine going - about 3 months now…
maybe .5” gain in girth - I’d really like the length to get up there…
(still stuck @ 5”)

Used to be too erect while doing this - thanks for getting me off of that error…

Is there a difference in - maintaining the rhythm/tempo of the jelq? I had been doing it - with no breaks at all - and actaully was finding myself going a bit soft - which may be slowing down progress? … but - on the other hand - if I stop the jelq - and ‘stimulate’ (by stroking/slapping) - to help maintain the partial erection - am I losing ground (defeating myself) - by allowing the blood to flow back out of the penis?

I would think - that a variation of tempo (rate/speed) (per session) would be benificial - as well as the direction (always toward the glans, but pushing the shaft towards the feet a while, or left right.. up… a little variation….)

Am I making sense? What about those ‘breaks/pauses’ to stimulate back up to semi-erection?

Thanks for your insite.


Hey SLK,

Glad to hear you stuck with it and have started to see some gains. Don’t bitch about a .5 girth gain, most guys have problems gaining girth. I don’t think that changing the stroke tempo is going to set you back, if it did, it would be such a small setback that you wouldn’t be able to tell. Are you doing anything other than jelqing? Stretches or squeezes? I know that you are doing the hot wraps and PC’s correct???

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yea - be happy

Right….. don’t wanna complain about the girth…

hot wraps ? no - get hot in the shower…

pc’s - no - (bad aren’t I)…. (they help with growth???)

I do squeeze (5 or 10 - and make my head/glans swell up real big) - after a jelq, and some manual stretching (what I call ‘rots’ (for rotational stretch) - just grab and go like winding a clock :) - pull it good and do it kinda slow.

The main question I had here - if I jelq - say 50 strokes - and then stop and massage (cause I’m going limp) -

you have to keep it ‘up’ so far - and if jelqing doesn’t do it - then a pause in the jelq - to take care of this - is needed.

I guess another question would be - is it common to go limp / lose some erection - during a jelq? I use good pressure - I can feel it in the glans - and it turns dark - and tingles - kinda hurts at times.

Got it? :) or is my tounge still not working right?


me too...

I notice I go soft too, especially after a real strong jelq, can almost watch the boy shrinking. Is this normal? Also, after a jelq session, he doesn’t seem to ‘hang’ so much as go small and hard? Is *THIS* normal? I also get a feeling like after sex, you know, where you feel like you couldn’t go again anytime soon… is this the ‘fatigue’ feeling?


If you did the dam PC flexes you could restore your needed state of erection with a couple of good flexes from a toned PC muscle. Stopping and starting to restore will not hurt anything but do the PC’s. They are important.

Are YOU doing your PC flexes? Sounds like you may be overworking a little also. How long is your routine and how many days a week?

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

following up...


when I’m done with my jelq - and squeezes - I always look a liite dark (red - the glans and shaft) - and it ‘hangs’ longer and thicker…. - and usually NOT 100% flacid afterwards (maybe 20% erect - I’ll work on making that about 50% or so)

My routine is 250 strokes, plus stretches (rots) b4 and after, 3x/week mon,wed,fri.

I’ll be adding PC’s… perhaps during the jelqs - or on the days I don’t (like tues/thurs/sat)…. SS!

Thanks - and hth


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