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Constantly Tugging :P

Constantly Tugging :P

I literally can’t leave my dick alone for 5 minutes.

During the day I ALWAYS find myself pulling and tugging on my dick to stretch it and keep it from turtling. I don’t stretch that hard, maybe half of the force I use when I actually stretch. It’s summer and I have hours and hours of free time and I always find myself stretching and kegeling.

Is this unhealthy, or will it hinder gains? Or will this help?

Thanks ;)

Oops, sorry about that. I can’t edit it anymore so if you want to change it that’s fine :)

Originally Posted by eowdaoc
Is this unhealthy, or will it hinder gains? Or will this help?

It most likely would not do anything aside from preventing your dick from bunching up (turtling).

Tugging as any less intensity as you would for stretching exercises will not cause any gains.

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I think I stated my first post slightly wrong.

When I pull my dick out randomly, I stretch at pretty much the same intensity I do when I do a routine, but not for quite as long.

I think doing that is a good thing. Say for example you pull at it for 5 mins every 1 hour or so over the course of an 8 hour day, that is adding up to about 40 mins of PE. If you are doing a specific routine that is say and hour long as well as the extra total of 40 mins then that gives you 1 hour and 40 mins of PE a day. I personally do my full routine at night time and I have noticed that the more I stretch during the day the more expansion I get when I do my routine at night, it is like any exercise with the human body, more time mean more results. Now this being said I also believe you need sufficient rest and recovery periods so be certain to have some time off every couple of days, myself I choose to rest on weekends as this suits my lifestyle but it is a personal choice as well as considering what you body and penis are telling you.

You could simply just continue for a few weeks like you are and if there are gains or improved EQ then it is working for you, if it is neutral and getting you no where then maybe add something and if there are negative PI’s then recover, reevaluate and restart.

Good Luck

Stretching does help a bit with gains

I’m in the same boat: I do this whenever possible, and I have even listed it in my progress report as “the absent-minded stretch”. Include fowfers in this and I am almost constantly stretched.

1) Keeping it at an extended state as much as possible has got to be a good thing. You aren’t applying enough pressure to fatigue yourself, so I don’t think that will be a problem.
2) You are fighting turtling, which may or may not have benefits. Personally I take an anti-turtling viewpoint.
3) You are keeping your penis limber and ready for PE.
4) You are paying more attention to your penis and monitoring its state, which I think is also beneficial.

1) It looks bad when you get caught in line at McDonald’s with your hand in your pants!
2) May develop a bigger flaccid, and no one wants that! :rolleyes:

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The guy (bennet8) in the following thread (link below) gained 2 inches of length from manual stretching. He basically did a stretching routine at numerous intervals thoughout the day. I know you aren’t doing a whole routine every time you stretch, but his gains do suggest there is no harm in tugging whenever you can.

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