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Constant injuries

Constant injuries

Hi guys, I’ve been lurking for a while but it’s my first time posting.

I’ve been jelqing on and off for about half a year now. My problem is, that I can’t seem to go longer than a month without getting injured, so I’m pretty much at the same spot from where I started.
My routine is: 5 min warmup, 5 min stretching ( down and to the front), 10 mins jelqing.
My biggest problem I think, is with stretching. I can’t seem to get a hold on my penis that doesn’t hurt. I usually use a rag/sock to stretch, because I can’t get a good grip otherwise (it starts to pull my skin, instead of what needs to be stretched). Also, I can’t really get a grip 1 inch under the glans, as it slips easily. However the rags hurt a bit, since I’m uncircumsized.
I think I’ve got my jelqing down pretty well. Good grip (not too strong or weak), 3-4 seconds for each jelq, using both normal and overhead grips.

I usually know straight after my workout, that I got an injury. Since I edge after every workout, I notice that I have a hard time getting an erection if I got an injury.

I guess my question would be, if you guys could give any advice on stretching, aside from whats written in the big threads.

Thanks in advance.

Well, one way to stretch that eliminates the variability of your hand, tension, etc. is to hang. Have you considered that?

8-1-14 BPEL 7.48 inches EGMS 4.88 inches EGBase 5.35 Inches

Initial goal--7.75 X 5.25 Mid Shaft

11-3-14 BPEL 7.48 inches, EGMS 5.04 inches, EGBase 5.43 Inches...

I’ve thought about hanging, but to be honest it looks a bit too hardcore to do as a beginner like myself. Also I’m a bit lazy to make a hanger, but I can work with that :D

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