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Consistent Jelqing

Consistent Jelqing

Hey fellow PE members,

This is my first post and I have started PE a couple of weeks ago.

My routine consists of 5 min warm up, 5-10 mins of stretching, 20-30 mins of Jelqing. I usually go 5 days on 2 days off.

My question is it possible to gain 2+ inches just from jelqing and stretching? I mean no hanging or any of that.



Yes, it’s possible, but you better be ready to commit for many many years for this to happen. And, even after all that time, you might not even gain 1 inch. It’s hard to tell as some people respond well to jelqing and some people require a lot more time and effort. Just be consistent and patient. Above all else, jelqing is a very healthy thing to do to your unit. It will make your dick stronger, harder, and most likely bigger.

On a side note: I personally think you are going above and beyond what is reasonably necessary with 20-30 minutes of jelqing. Having only started PE a few weeks ago, you should be focusing on developing good, quality jelqs as opposed to doing 20-30 minutes worth (which is probably pushing 500 total). Don’t rush yourself into such a high volume when you probably don’t need it.

Yeah I understand where your coming from and thanks for the information.

I did PE in the summer and before that but never stuck with it.

I haven’t had any problems with the amount of Jelqing so far.

Do you think that the combination of hanging and jelqing would give me better results?

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