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Considering starting PE

Considering starting PE

I have a few questions before I move forward. First one is, is it possible to make your penis smaller while doing PE exercises? I’m not talking say you injured it and it no longer gets fully erect, I mean say if you did PE for a year and quit could your penis actually shrink back to something smaller than the original? How common are injuries? If I follow the newbie routine to a T and follow all the guidelines is it a sure thing that no serious harm could come to my organ?

1) No.

2) not possible to put a number. But some minor injuries are somewhat common. Major injuries are somewhat rare. Unrecoverable injuries are unlikely - I’ve never heard one coinvincing case, if my memory isn’t betraying me.

3) No. Doing PE implies a risk, analogously to any other activity that involves your body : you play volley? Risks involved. You run? Risks involved. You do PE? Risks involved.

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1) No, your dick can’t shrink back to something smaller than what you started with. It’s currently debated whether there is eventual shrinkage (if you stop PE and don’t do a maintenance routine) back to your original starting point, but nobody has ever observed or talked about shrinkage past your original starting point. There is no reason to believe this would be possible to occur, either.

2) Nothing is certain, of course, but there is really no reason to believe there’s any meaningful chance of injury if you are cautious and careful. (edit: I’m talking about major injury, not seeing red spots on your dick that fade in a few days)

Hi I’m wanting to start too, I’m lacking girth, and that is why I am here, but if I’m doing work outs wrong could I actually stretch my penis and so end up reducing girth?! Cheers

Hi cantwait. You can’t reduce your girth, except in the case of some very bad injuries. I’ve never heard of someone who lost girth doing PE.

Yeah minor injuries can occur but there not that harmful you just need to take a few days off the most common one would be the red dots on the penis head which only takes a day or two to heal.

P.e is worth the risk and the risk isn’t that much you have way more to gain not just size but your erections will be better and you will have a better flacid hang.

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