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Confusion over hanging...

Confusion over hanging...

I have just started to hang this week, and have been researching with this site about the proper weight to hang. Currently I am doing 5 lbs for 1 hr per day w/o counting rest time, as the newbie hanging method suggested. Yet, with this 5lbs I feel no fatigue or anything afterwards. The first time I tried it I felt something, but after the 3rd day I felt nothing at all. Is this supposed to happen?

Now here is where it gets confusing. I’ve read posts that said that I should feel fatigued, whereas others said that it should feel like there is nothing there at all while hanging. I am familiar with the fact that many big gainers have started out with low weights, but did they get fatigued at these low weights? Am I supposed to get fatigued with low weights? and if so, then do I simply do more reps? I’d really like to know about this and anything else you guys may have to say because I don’t want my hanging to go to waste.

And.. with my LOT at around 8 o clock, what kind of hanging should I be doing? and should I start tunica stuff as well?

I am currently only hanging because I can afford the privacy, but will stop after this summer is over and possibly do manual during the school year.

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It can be confusing, I know, with the information overload here. Let me try to sum it up:

1. Your first few weeks are all about skin stretch, soft tissue conditioning, and gathering a general feel for the process and what weight works best for you.

2. Fatigue can come quickly, take it’s dear sweet time, or you may never feel a sensation you recognize as fatigue.

3. Once you are convinced you have stretched skin and are well conditioned, seek out your maximum weight by incrementally raising your weight in 1lb steps.
Maximum weight can be understood as: The most weight you can hang without feeling pain. Some might prefer the word ‘discomfort’ over ‘pain’ but it is best understood as a weight that doesn’t leave you squirming, sweating, and watching the clock praying for an end to your set the moment you apply it.

Why? Because at this manageable weight, when fatigue arrives you will recognize it - and, very simply put: You are attempting to slowly stretch/deform tissue not tear the hell out of it.

What is fatigue? It is a sign that you have exhausted a limiting factor - such as a bundle of ligs or your tunica.

How to use fatigue? Once it arrives at a particular weight, finish the set, reduce your weight slightly (1 to 1.5lbs) and continue on to another set. When you can no longer handle that repeat the pattern. This is called ‘riding down fatigue’ - it is when growth happens.
Stop hanging when you cannot handle half of your maximum weight or switch to a different angle.

With an 8:00 LOT you should almost exclusively use a BTC angle for the first few months. A lot of guys see great gains early on, so be very consistent. Use heat in conjunction with your hanging.

Be very sure of your current measurements - full blown erection, bone pressed - don’t cheat or bullshit yourself - then hide that ruler. Set a date at least a month from when you began, and be sure to measure with the same ruler in the same position (sitting/standing).
I like to leave a rest day or two between hanging and measuring.


Im glad I read this, as another Hanging n00b I really appreciate that nice summary, cleared up a bunch of stuff for me Capt.

Now if I can just figure out how to get my Wench adjusted right I will be in business.

that just made everything SOOOOOO much clearer. Thanks a LOT hook!!!!

You’re welcome :)

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