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Confusion About Exercises

Confusion About Exercises

Hi, everyone and thanks for letting me join your forum.

I just recently joined a PE website, however there is a big problem. They have listed 12 different exercises but they do not give information on whether on the time/no.of reps you are supposed to spend on each workout. There also is nothing on what benefits from particular exercises.

Are you supposed to gradually increase time on workout?

I would like to increase my girth from 5” first and foremost.

I have a slight curve to the left I would like to get rid of.

I would like to increase my erect length from 6.5” to 8.5”.

I would also like to increase my flaccid length.

Here are the names of the of the exercises described in the manual:

PC exercise
Testicle lifts
Hot wrap
Bending exercise
Flex exercise
Stretching Exercise
2- way length exercise
Dual stroke length exercise
Semi-erect girth exercise
Erect girth exercise
Flexing girth exercise

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.


Welcome to the forum. Hope it works out for you.

You obviously haven’t spent the requisite time in the FAQ/QuickStart forum. Go over there and start reading the FAQ and Quick Start guide, then you’ll have a working knowledge of things to ask more than the basics.

Hey 1aleem,
That sounds like the exercises from the Big Penis site. If that is the site you joined, then you are not looking in the correct place for the info. BP has suggested routines with time and reps, they also have the site set up as to which exercises are for length, girth, head exercises, etc.

Perhaps you have gotten ahold of an illegal copy of the site that only lists exercises. If you are a member of BP, I suggest you log on and do a thorough read of the site. If you did not sign up with BP, then you should contact whoever you did sign up with and ask these questions. If you get no replies, then spread the word that the site is ripping people off.

Good luck !!!

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I've opened the thread

so that 1aleem can respond to Thunder’s points if he wants.

Otherwise, please no one respond to the Newbie questions.


Big Penis

Yes, I joined the big penis website, but they sent me this progam.

It looks seems a bit suspect to me:

Hot wrap 1 min
Bending exercise 3-5 minutes
Erect girth exercise 4-6 minutes

for 6 days per week.

So few exercises and so little time spent on them…??

Hey 1aleem,

Read and study the entire BP site and then adjust the days on/ days off to what works best for you. The BP site has good exercise descriptions so you may as well get your money’s worth by using the site to at least learn all the different exercises.

BP does recommend a short workout timewise, but 6 or 7 days a week. If you do follow a BP workout program, take a couple of days a week off, and make the warm up at least 5 minutes.

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