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Confusing PI'S from jelqing

Confusing PI'S from jelqing

Hello gents,

So I’ve been using an ESL40 ADS for for about 3 months and I’ve seen about a 1/8 - 1/16th inch EL gain finally (woo!)

My question though is about jelqing. I’ve only jelqed a few times before and never really got a feel for it. Seemed like even just 50 gentle jelqs at 70% erection would leave me with soft spongey erections for a few days. So I’ve been avoiding jelqing.

Thought I’d give it another try though so I did a thorough warm up and then did about 30 or 40 slow, delicate gentle jelqs.

Afterwards I edged for a while and my erection was superhard! Super high angle too, the thing was basically hitting me in the face, it was pointing straight up. Cool.

But for the next two or 3 days my EQ was like a 7 or 8 at best and hard to get it to that level even.

So did I do it right or what? I don’t understand why my EQ went down over the next few days.

Also, side question. Internal itching inside penis after jelqing or squeezing? That’s good right? That means I worked it thoroughly?

Anyway! Insights greatly appreciated.

EL 6.6”
MEG 5.25”
FL 4.25”

Just a few thoughts,

I am of “less is more school”. I have a hunch you may be a less as more guy.

My newbie routine was split up, stretches in the morning and jelqs in the evening. Doing both in the same session fucked up my EQ, Stretches are what really got me.

I wonder about that ADS. Maybe that is more the culprit than the jelqing

My cock gets pretty fatigued by just manual stretching. So generally my stretching routine looks like this:

5 sets of 5-way stretches, helicopter stretch between sets.

Also are you taking days off or just PE’ing every day?

I use ADS 5 days a week, 9 hours a day. That’s usually it until the jelqing thing the other day. Usually the ADS helps my EQ.

To me sounds like your cock needs some recovery time.

Wonder what would happen if you took a full week off of PE? As in NOTHING. No ADS, no jelqs, nothing.

Maybe keep the edging up but limit time to something like no more than 20-30 mins. (Huge edger here and big proponent of it. However I have talked to some guys who say it wrecks their EQ if they are actively PE’ing.

Yeah that’s me. I find if I edge more than a couple minutes it messes up EQ. The day in question I edged to porn for 30 or 40. I find masterbating and especially porn ruins my EQ in the long run.

I think the jelqing was probably good cause my EQ was an 11 right after. Post edging and the next day it was soft. Must have been too much edging.

Thanks for the insights, kool!

Anytime man, we are all in this together. I just returned to active PE a few months ago, it is so damn tempting to beat my cock to hell to get gains.

Keep us posted, rooting for you here. :cheerlead

: D

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