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Hello guys, here it goes.

I have been on a newbie routine for 2 weeks, my routine consists of aprox. 5 mins warm-up with hot water in the shower + 5 mins stretches (mostly out and upwards + angles) + 50 jelqs + 5 mins warm-down the same way.

I have noticed skin stretch, when my junior’s flaccid if I retract the foreskin a lot of skin is gathered at my base (!!!)… I honestly believe it’s more than before. I stretch with a tight grip right under the glans with the skin covering my glans. I try to make the grip as to not let the skin covering my glans move, it should remain right as it was when the penis isn’t stretched. I notice that the skin right at the base of my shaft moves forward (my pubes advance further on the shaft)… is this ok or should I use a TOW grip at the base? …

I tried stretching with the glans uncovered by practically pulling the glans with an overhand grip, the glans being in my palm… it hurts a bit and it gives a burning senzation in the glans… but it passes … I’ll try to master this.

Is it that I’m noticing stuff about my tool that I ignored before? Like can the skin stretch be all in my mind and that gathered skin at my base when I retract the foreskin was there all along in that quantities… confusing stuff.

Another option would be that I am a bit turtled due to overtraining… the CCs compress and the skin doesn’t …so it seems longer…

Any opinions and shared experiences are welcome.

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If you are pulling too much skin away from the base it seems you need to lubricate your penis a bit more.

You can then stretch your penis without pulling on the skin so much.

My be worth trying a few variations to get it right though.

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You maybe need to wrap the head with something when you stretch. It took the pain away for me when I had the same problem.

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Hey iDare, a lot of uncut guys have the same problem in the beginning.

What you need to do is retract the foreskin and grab your penis an inch below the glans. Also, I highly recommend you use toilet paper or baby powder for a better grip.

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I’m cut, so I don’t know from experience, but indeed a lot of newbies have the same experiences, and it’s nothing to worry about.

BTW, are you really doing 50 jelqs in a session, or is that a typo? Cause if you are, that’s not much at all… If you’re two weeks in the Newbie Routine, you should do about 10 min of jelqs.

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I make 50 slow jelqs… to get conditioned…

I’m taking it slow, so many stuff went wrong it kind of gives me the feeling that I should be extra careful…

Guys, is turtling a serious issue?… I’m turtled and when I retract the foreskin there’s a huge amount of skin gathering on the shaft.

Is this just because the CCs are compressed and the skin is loose because it doesn’t compress also? Should I be worried? It gives me a creepy feeling.

Turtling just means that your penis wants to recover.

Originally Posted by marinera

Turtling just means that your penis wants to recover.

But is it good for one’s penis to recover in a turtled state?

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Does the turtling indicate that the penis is wanting to recover from too much exercise or would it turtle even with any amount of exercise?

marinera: short and precise = excellent. Thanks.

mobbo: Your body will send you signals. Knowing to interpret them is crucial. That’s why we have common sense and Thunder’s Forum.


Cold and stress are 2 reasons that naturally cause turtling. Some guys repport that after a few months into this PE stuff they don’t turtle from cold that often/much.

Can skin stretch be a sign of future growth? The skin must grow in order to reach the next size.

Or is this growth simultaneous. I’m noticing skin growth or at least loosening. Is this normal or I am doing something wrong?

I hope the skin stretching is a sign of future growth, but it could well be just the result of the skin having been stretched and remaining that way more readily than the rest of the penis. Guys restoring their foreskin achieve a lot of skin stretch to achieve their goal.

The idea behind my question about the turtling was to ask is turtling in this case an indicator that maybe too much stress has been applied? Would there have been turtling if there had been less exercise? It’s maybe too fine of a line to be drawing. I was trying to learn more about identifying PIs.

sparkyx would be the best to answer this but here it goes.

If you turtle and in the morning you find out that your usual morning wood is gone and your EQ is lower… that means turtling is a negative PI for you. If you turtle and the next morning you wake up because your erection causes discomfort / you notice growth or any other good stuff… it’s a positive one. I guess it’s all relative to each individual and his body’s responses.

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