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Hi Ya’ll , little confused, some have said to rest a day in between exercises, some say every day !! Looking for the correct way and to maximize gains in shortest time !!


(Paw paw )

Mark Gross

Personally, I look for a gain of a 1/4 inch, you may get that with a “flash reading,” but once it appears (and it will) then work towards stabilising that measurement. Once you feel confident to go the next step, then push as hard as you can for it, by the time that becomes repeatable, your first step should have become a cemented gain.

It’s difficult to put a time or on/off procedure to this work, but it must be fairly constant attack until your target is reached, then back right off. That system works for me.

The key is to UNDERSTAND what you did to achieve the gain you made and repeat that exercise to target the growth. Your exercise repertoire will increase to accommodate those exercises and you won’t waste time doing the irrelevant stuff.

I am currently in a relationship where sex is normally off the agenda Monday to Thursday (geographic) and then two to three times over the weekend, so I have developed a routine that involves 100% edging and I go at PE hard in my spare time from Monday to Thursday, with a little consolidation on Friday. (Although Monday is quite often just maintenance.) So in essence I suppose I have three days a week hard PE, and then four days off any strenuous PE, and it works for me.

Thanks so much for your time and answers, Really appreciate ya , can’t have enough knowledge, when it comes to having a bigger Penis, Something I have never had before !!

Thanks again for your input.

Sincerely, ( Paw paw )

Mark Gross

Take at least 24 hours between consecutive workouts. If you are taking one day off, then you rest for 48 hours since your last workout.

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