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Confused and concerned

Confused and concerned

It’s been a while but I stopped peing about a week ago because I thought I had a problem. I seemed to get really hard during PE, and I know everyone agrees that PE done while erect can essentially damage your penis. ATM I’m just doing a simple jelqing routine, grabbing an inch before the base, stretching all the way down just before it’s painful, and slowly pushing it up at a rate of 3-10 seconds, varying, but no matter what I do, I get hard within 3-4 strokes. Should I be worried? Thanks for any help.

Have you tried masturbating before PE this may help you?

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Originally Posted by Behemoth

Have you tried masturbating before PE this may help you?

Great idea. Takes discipline to do the work afterwards though. Something about blowin a load that just kinda makes you forget all about your ding-dong and move onto a sandwich.

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I had this problem too at the start. I started off jelqing at a slightly lower erection level and did a few more jelqs and then as soon as I felt myself getting too hard, stopped until the hardness subsided. It took a lot longer to do the full amount of jelqs, so eventually I just jelqed to a time limit. It took a while to get the control, but eventually I gained it.

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