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Confused again

Confused again

Hello guys.
After months of delaying I was finally going to order an extender.
I want to order an extender,pump and a hanger , but a bit short on money so I was searching for something that is reasonably priced and comfortable to wear.

I had started a thread on this topic long back.

After a lot of reading I concluded the following :-
Don’t order the noose type extender
and the VacExtender is recommended by a lot of users here.
X4 does same things like all others but is very expensive.

It seems like the Vacextender can be used as a hanger , an extender or an ADS. So it makes sense to buy that .So I was all set to get the vacExtender KR Silver extender.

But then I read this post
Extenders - Which one is the best?
and now I have my doubts again.

Like I wrote , I am a bit short on money right now so don’t want to buy something that will be wasted.

The static stretcher seems good , what do you guys think ?
I also noticed that the real-extender is quite reasonably priced (the comfort version is 179 $)

Some threads in here also suggested the RealLength from Ebay.
So again I have some difficultly to decide which one to buy.

I know this topic is often repeated here but I am still not convinced on which is the most comfortable extender that offers the best value for money.

Thank you guys for reading all this.And please give your suggestions

I love the vac extender. You have the bonus of Monkeybar being a member of this forum and being able to help out with questions you have. Also he’s always trying to work out how to make his products better which I like.

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