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Confused about where to start

Confused about where to start

I want to start practicing some type of penile lengthening routine but I do not know which would work best for me. My primary concern right now is length. I am barely 5” erect and 4.5” in circumference and my goal is 7”. I was looking into pumping since it is less time consuming and members seem to be getting great results. I know this all takes time and patience and that too much pressure can be detrimental. I was also looking into buying the la pump but do not know which size to go with. Can anybody point me in the right direction for a good routine for getting length safely?

ei farmer,
try doing the linear newbie routine, and check your PI´s.

Do a search on those threads. They’re easy to find.

Good luck

01/03/2009- NBPEL:5.1; EG:4.6.

01/05/2010- NBPEL:6.1; EG:4.7.

Long Term Goal- NBPEL: 7.0; EG:5.5

START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info
**Read this first**

Do the newbie routine and read, read read.

:_pump: :donatecar

You would do best to delay the pumping until your dick has been conditioned to exercise. Pumping is a bit of a shock to the system and can cause red spots, fluid buildup and bruising, to an unconditioned penis. So do as the guys above suggest, and you should soon make gains and prepare your self for pumping.

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Your goal is 2 inches in length, but this is the first I have heard of “members getting great results” from pumping at achieving this length goal. I thought pumping with a girth exercise. All girth exercises (jelq/bends/clamping/pump) can have the benefit of some added length, but not 2 inches. I think also recall some of the heavy girth guys saying pumping alone doesn’t do much (temporary gains) but in conjunction with other girth work can compliment it very well and be a useful thing. If I am wrong on any of this, someone please set it straight.

Primary length exercises -> stretching (included in newbie routine), ADS, hanging.

As always newbie routine is the best place to start, from there, experience and conditioning is gained and better (more specific) decisions can be made from there.

Can anybody point me in the right direction for a good routine for getting length safely?

Since you emphasised safely, I’ll mention my experience with stretching. It’s basically gotten me all the length gains I have had and it was pretty safe because it’s all used with the hands. Hands offer the greatest control and can also exert a surprising amount of force after your arms get used to it. I also liked how the session could be 30 mins rather then hours that are required of ADS or hanging.

You mentioned time consuming in your post, so not sure what you have time for or not, but the option is there. Always best to start with the newbie routine though. :up:

As they say: 1. Read the Newbie stuff.
2. Don’t neglect warm-up and warm-down.
3. Don’t neglect lubricant especially for jelquing.
It seems these are the things it is easy to neglect when we are in a hurry to get quick success.
Like most things ‘quick’ and ‘success’ don’t really fit together!

Having said that, and made these mistakes to begin with, I was suprised and pleased to gain about 1” in length in 3-4 months. And I am an older guy…doesn’t seem to matter.

So kep at it and enjoy the journey

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