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Confuse about quick gains

Confuse about quick gains

Hey there guys.

New to the forum and had a question. I haven’t started PEing yet since I have been reading through the forums to get a gist of what this is all about. I’m pretty convinced that this works but I have read about cases where somebody stopped jelqing and lost all their gains. This leads me to think that it’s not so much permanent gains but a lot of swelling. I was just wondering if any body has stopped jelqing after big gains or small gains and whether they lost what they gained.

Big gains are never lost. You may loose the small gains, though.

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I been doing this on and off, and I have never lost any inches.

You won’t lost gains you have cemented. Guys who lose gains after a long break didn’t cement at all or didn’t cement their gains properly.

Thanks guys, but that leads me to another question. How do you “cement” the gains?

Well, I’ve been gone for almost a year and I just came back to this forum on monday, I have stopped PE early Jan this year, I did PE for about 2 months before I stopped, and lost pretty much the majority of it, however I don’t believe it was long enough to properly cement the gains.

Anyways, as I recall its continuing your excerises for another month to two months and what you gained a month or so back should become more cemented and permenant. Since I’ve been gone for a while, anyone else here feel free to correct me if I’m wrong but apparantly I have to kinda skim through everything to remember.

I plan on sticking to it from now on. Guess I’ve become those other guys here who in the past stopped and regretted doing that.

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Welcome to Thunder’s Atleast7. Many people believe that one hour a week for a period of three months or so will cement your gains, but you just have to do what feels good to you and monitor your penis weekly for shrinkage. If you use the search button, you can find some threads on the topic. Here’s one man’s cement routine for example: Short routine to cement gains.

I miss this place.

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