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Conflicting results

Conflicting results

Hey everyone

I’ve done two sessions of the newbie routine (2 on 1 off 2 on 1 off) and had weird results

I’m amazed because I gained nearly 1/4” in erect girth already just from that BUT I seem to have weaker erections

I used to get really hard that it’ll spring back upwards when I push it down now it’s hard but weaker and more difficult to maintain an erection

I also lost some in length around 1/8” but I think this is due to the weaker erection thing

My flaccid seems to be the same though it hangs lower erratically

So what does this mean?

Too much intensity, my friend. At what percent of erection are you Jelqing at? I had a very similar experience to this: High level erection Jelqs, fast gains in girth, which quickly led to a very serious injury; I jelqed at too high a level and during a stroke; my dick went limp immediately and took close to a year before I had a decent erection again. So, before you encounter my prior predicament, take all the time you need off until your erections return to optimal condition again. It is always better to gain slow than have an injury that could put you out of commission for a long time. Be safe, days

I usually jelq 50-80%

But I guess I could have jelqed at 90-100% a few times since erections are hard to control

Would taking out jelqing from my routine in the meantime be enough for me to recover (just warmth, stretches and kegels)?

Take some days of total rest: no jelq, no stretches. You can do Kegel’s, IMHO, but don’t overdo them too.

I took a 7 day break

Erections have improved a bit morning wood is back

My erection angle is lower though and it’s still not as hard when I started

Length is back, girth is the same or just a fraction less(still better than before) so I’m happy about that

Should I keep resting until everything is normal?

Probably best my man, you seem to be a fast-gainer, so take it slow, theres no reason to rush it, you’ll kill yourself if you kill your penis over this impatience.

The erection quality can be fixed later by kegel

What Marinera said. Take a break and when you return cut back on the Newbie Routine.

I think, just my opinion, the 5 minutes of stretching is OK, but go easy, don’t try to get all your lig gains in one session, and as far as Jelqing, I personally started with 100, 200 was to much, you could even start off with 50 to start for the first week or so. I’m doing 300 now after almost 9 months, just remember, its quality not quantity that works.

You see, I had the same problem as you, EQ was bad after the first couple of days when I first started, but then again it wasn’t that great to begin with, but is is now. Do use heat, before, during (if possible), and a cool back.

Your definitely a grower, Dude!

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